American Marching Bands and Dancer Teams

Marching Bands

Mimi’s obsession this moment are Marching Bands and the Dancer Teams. In Europe marching bands are a thing of the past, at least in our environment. If you are born in the United States these bands must be ordinairy (we aren’t quite sure, please comment if this is the case or not), but for a European person who’s not into sports at all (like us: except for icedancing ofcourse) it’s a fascinating and visual delight!

American Marching Bands and Dancer Teams

Diagrammed example of marching band uniforms of the ‘Big Ten’ conference in the United States.

Dancers/Flag girls

“People come to games to see the dancers. They perform in the stands with the band; they dance and do stand routines; and they’re featured during the field show.”

These bands and girl dancers are SO in sync with each other; the music and timing is SO spot on. Besides wearing the same outfit they even sometimes have the same hairdo! Furthermore the performances of the, very lean, girls are sexy ànd tongue in cheek!


If you only have the time or concentration span to watch one video it should be the one above: The band is playing ‘Backstabbers’: the song sung by the O’Jays!


The fun part is that the performance itself is executed in a very proffesional way; but there is also an amateur vibe to the whole thing as well: for example, girls look around and touch their hair when they aren’t dancing. More of that vibe can be seen in the video’s below it’s super charming. Can’t get enough of it!

Southern University VS Jackson State Human Jukebox Marching Band and Dancing Dolls

Alabama State Stingettes, with the same hairdo, prancing around (or whatever it is they do) for half an hour.

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Bracelet Designs by Studio O’Sullivan for Balenciaga

Bracelet Designs by Studio O’Sullivan for Balenciaga

These huge bangles, designed by Damian O’Sullivan for Balenciaga are named Mug Porcelain Bracelets. Don’t let that name fool you though. These bracelets are made of brass with a porcelain effect. Easy to wear and Stunning. Auch Haben!

Photography: Mikael Jansson. Vogue Paris September 2017

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Furniture Design by Milo Baughman

Furniture Design by Milo Baughman

Mr Baughman’s designs are obviously built on the legacy of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, but the use of modern-day materials, colors and American West Coast style make do for functional furniture which appealed, and was available, to a large public. We, at Mimi Berlin, like his dramatic designs very much and could easily live the rest of our lives with the pink sectional sofa with steel bottom.

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Furniture design by Willy Dario

Furniture design by Willy Dario

Willy Daro is a Belgian designer. No more info to be found on the web about him, except for his work: Made in the seventies of the previous century, on sale at various auctions, vintage and design web-shops. Guess we’ll head on to the library to find more info in some books……
Auch Haben!

Danke Schön, Beja von Bis! (images via 1stdibs / liveauctioneers )