Mimi Berlin SenioR’s 1960s Marriage Pictures


Mimi Berlin SenioR dug up this old marriage photo album, and believe it or not; yes, these are wedding pictures, honestly! The story goes as follows. Mimi Berlin SenioR was all dressed up, almost ready to pick up his bride (also Mimi Berlin SenioR) from her parental home for the ‘ceremony’. But first he had to poke up the fire to add some warmth to the small attic (multitasking here: smoking ànd poking) they would call their Home. Nice detail are the very new shiny pots and pans on the shelf in the kitchen area in the background, must have been THE wedding gift.

(photocredits: Henk v/d Vet)

PS for all you youngsters who don’t know what the f*** they’re looking at:

This is Minimal Living Galore in The Netherlands of yesteryear! The heater runs on coal, which you had to set on fire with matches (and probably a newspaper or something like that). The coal had to be stored in-house. Mind you; Mimi Berlin SenioR lived in a small attic so that must have been quite the ordeal. Un imaginable these days, ain’t it!

Marriage in the Sixties

Marriage in the sixties of the previous century (that’s the 20th century). This is what you would wear and where you would wear it. Lovely white curled furniture to match the perky dresses. Panty-hose in a nice flesh tone to cover your legs underneath. A pristine barbie doll in the flesh!

Taken from “Today’s Girl” 1969 mail order catalog: a young lady modeling. (by thenitetripper, via jeanjeanie61) Seventeen April 1961, Photos Carmen Schiavone (via Magdorable)