Framed Brooches Mimi Berlin Bijoux 2022

Framed Brooches Mimi Berlin Bijoux 2022 frame or wear the brooch it’s your your choice!

The Framed Brooches by Mimi Berlin Bijoux are artworks made with carefully selected and matched pages of vintage Vogue magazines and vintage (costume) jewelry.

Frame or wear these brooches: it’s your choice!

In order to keep the past of fashion in general alive, to preserve it and comment on it we, Mimi Berlin and Friperie Jansen, decided to partner up. Friperie Jansen is a seller of second hand fashion and the owner of an extensive collection of vintage (costume) jewelry, amongst many other collections.

We created little time capsules, or 3D collages, by combining our vintage treasures (jewelry and photo’s) in a storytelling way. The photo’s are laminated with a coating in 250micron with matte finish. Almost invisible, small punched holes keep the brooches in place.

Tip from Mimi Berlin: send one to a friend, they will love this thoughtful gift!

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Hammer and Pessary Ring. Medical Instruments that Look Like Designer Jewelry

Pessary Ring as Bracelet. Percussion Hammer as Brooch

While researching some antique objects on the interweb we stumbled upon an image of a pessary ring made in 1975. We’ve never used this contraceptive device so we didn’t recognize it as such. To us, at Mimi Berlin, this rubber band looks more like a bracelet; a modern design bracelet. And in our minds the percussion hammer could well be a brooch. .

(The medical items are property of the Purmerends Museum)

Online Stuff from Yesteryears

We found the images above via the online collection of National Dutch heritage. This wonderful imagebank is filled with thousands and thousands of products, ranging from stamps to glassware to well……stuff from yesteryears that can make the imagination run wild if you want to!

While we’re on the subject: click to view our post about on religious tongue piercings.

Percussion or Reflex Hammer

A reflex hammer is a medical instrument used by practitioners to test deep tendon reflexes. Testing for reflexes is an important part of the neurological physical examination in order to detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system. Reflex hammers can also be used for chest percussion.

(knowledge via wikipedia)

xoxo Mimi Berlin

NEW! Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge

NEW! Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge

Meeting and introducing yourself to others has never been this easy ànd stylish at the same time. Form follows function: the ‘MimiMalist Hello Badge’ is Super Large (ø 10cm) and it’s tinted Beige. the MimiMercandise department at Mimi Berlin designed this mega-brooch not necessarily for conference meetings only: you can wear the Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge any day, every day!NEW! Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge
Order your MimiMalist Hello Badge NOW at the

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Beja von Bis: Now give me a bead!

Beja von Bis: Now give me a bead!

Beja von Bis: Now give me a bead!

Fabulous Corded Poodles by the talented Lone Beader

Beja von Bis: Now give me a bead!

On my wish-list: beaded Louboutins (christian louboutin) )

 South African crafted porcupine
 Beaded baby tapir from Guatamala

If I can’t have the Louboutins I’d like myself a purple Poodle (buy)





Victorian Vulcanite

carte de visite of a victorian lady wearing a jet brooch and earrings and a vulcanite locket on chain, 2-1/2″ by 4″. “E. Le Jeune Photographe, Naples”. 
Victorian vulcanite grapes necklace
Victorian lady wearing a vulcanite necklace
Victorian lady wearing a vulcanite cameo pendant and golden earrings. Cabinet card handwritten on the back in pencil, “Lizzie Richardson”.
Victorian vulcanite chain with celluloid cameo pendant

Victorian lady wearing a teardrop-shaped necklace and a carved ivory name brooch. Carte de viste marked “Photographie Parisenne, Letalle & Co., (from Paris), 36 Cannon St., Birmingham”. And carved ivory name brooch

Victorian vulcanite china with four-lobed pierced and carved pendant with highly embossed floral front
Victorian lady wearing an intricate vulcanite necklace.