Caketoppers Vintage Bridal


We, at Mimi Berlin, visited the local thriftstore the other day. On sale was a collection of caketoppers, vintage, bridal caketoppers. Amongst a group of about 10 plastic figurines, there were ugly but also a nice one; just as in real life. The bride by herself, she is our favorite, and probably made in the sixties. She looks like a doll from the Thunderbirds. We also fancy the happy couple, they look very satisfied and happy. The rest of the caketoppers seem rather uninspired.

Photocredits: Mimi Berlin

Happy Birtday to You Dear Dearest

Dear Dearest

Happy Birtday to You: here’s a cake for you!

‘Happy Birtday to You Dear Dearest’ is a statuette by Mimi Berlin from the ‘Bagatelle‘ series. The ‘Cake Bagatelle’ is an everlasting cake with one, fake, candle,  It’s pink and made from hard-plastic. (ø 7,5 x 17 cm, Vintagedeluxe Tupperware/led-light). Want to see more statuettes by Mimi Berlin? Click Here.

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Stacked Boxes Imitating a Festive Cake

Stacked Boxes Imitating a Festive Cake

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Melting Pop Caketrope by Alexandre Dubosc

Melting Pop Caketrope by Alexandre Dubosc

Is it a cake or is it a movie?

Melting Pop Caketrope by Alexandre DuboscThe Caketrope of Burton’s Team © Alexandre DUBOSC (screenshot)

Alexandre Dubosc makes wonderful chocolate cakes, spin them around and you’ll see a lovely animation. The spinning of the cakes give a similar effect as 19th century Zoetrope devices.

Alexandre Dubosc