Kittens for Likes in Fashion


Kittens are the best clickbait these days, everybody knows that, everybody likes those little fur balls of joy. The fashion-peoples got to that conclusion as well. For the Fall/Wintrseason of 2018 we’ve seen cats in a printed ad by Givenchy, Vetements uses the little cats  and puppy’s on instagram. #instacats, yes it’s that simple!

(images via @vetements_official / /

We are sure there are many more examples, if you have one please don’t be shy and share them! xoxo Mimi

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Pet Clippers

Pet Clippers

Trim your pets! Pets need to be groomed just like us people. You can try this in the comfort of your own home with the pet clippers above.

Cats Can Travel

Thumbs up for the traveling cats! These cats are Nyalan and Deshi, they are are the tourguides at Jalan, a Japanese travel site.

(

There can be tons of movies found on YouTube starring these two (and other cats with the same suitcases around the neck). Best start looking HERE:  (traveling catsimages via unpopular)

Fong Leng Fashion & Art

Fong Leng Fashion & Art. The other day we attended the opening of the exhibition Fong Leng, Fashion & Art at The Amsterdam Museum. Continue reading