Fridges Fight Back by Bompas & Parr at KK Outlet

Fridges Fight Back by Bompas and Parr at KK Outlet

Fridges fight Back by Bompas and Parr at KK OutletA “Chilling Exhibition” by Bompas & Parr 1 to 26 November 2016 at the KK Outlet in London.

“House fires caused by tumble dryers may have dominated headlines in the past but fridges are the real silent killers to be wary of. Fridges Fight Back: a Chilling Exhibition, curated by the British Museum of Food is a new exhibition that throws a spotlight on the darker side of these deadly white goods. The exhibition will be accompanied by a book, Fridges Fight Back: The White Goods are Restless, by Bompas & Parr.

The exhibition and book include images of bacteria bred from the fridges of celebrities and filmed content depicting the deterioration of food and drink inside and out of fridges. The work also serves as an antidote to the polished pictures of food that permeate modern culture in everything from Instagram to the contrived contents of celebrities’ fridges on programmes like MTV Cribs

The exhibition will also feature a community fridge, allowing locals to deposit food and drink that will be shared with local charities and food banks.

At its heart, the curation and the book are designed to bring to life an important safety message about fridges. Written with the consultancy and advice of London Fire Brigade, the book exposes the shocking statistics relating to fridge fires – on average there are two per week in London – and the basic manufacturing flaws common to some brands that can cause fires. Who knew?!” (read more KK Outlet)


Celeb Diamond Gifts Top 3

Celeb Diamond Gifts Top 3

“It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor’s finger.”

Celeb Diamond Gifts Top 3

This is the top 3 of the most expensive engagement rings given in the USA by celeb citizens.:
Number one is Elizabeth’s Taylor’s ring given to her by Richard Burton. The ring has a 33,19 ct diamond and is originally called the Krupp diamond, purchased at auction for $300,000 in 1968 by Mr Burton. This diamond is considered one of the most flawless diamonds in the world. After her death Christie’s sold Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond ring for $8,818,500.

Far less interesting but nce to know anyway; Number 2 is the ring Kim Kardashian got from Kanye West; a 15 ct diamond ring which is rumoured to cost  about $8 million.
Number 3 is Beyoné’s ring given to her by Jay Z; a $5 million 15 ct diamond ring.

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Wearing your Baby

Wearing your Baby

Mimi’s Brainbreaker Week: Who wears her baby th best? Posh or Kim?
Victoria Beckham at the airport in 2011
OR 2014 Kim Kardashian and North West leaving their hotel on their way to the aiport on October 2,2014. (by the storm shadow crew)
Well, we have to say that the image of Victoria Becham is our all-time favorite, she truly gives the audience what it wants!
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Fabulous People and a Pinball Machine

Fabulous People and a Pinball Machine

More Fabulous People playing Games on this blog

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even the bedtimes are good: together


‘even the bed times are good’ is a photo essay by Appdikted @mimiberlin. It is a collection of carefully selected images of people, in this blogpost: celebrities posing in bed together with family and/or pets. Visit

Fur meine Mutti and in memory of Verena Nuding

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