The Prefab Aliën Butterfly

Prefab Aliën

Mimi Berlin came up with a new project today and named it; The Prefab Aliën Butterfly. This is a video series. We started out by making the trailer. Have a look-see, and let us know what you think?

The Prefab Aliën Butterfly – Part one; Travel

This video is about The Prefab Aliën Butterfly which is a friendly Aliën from Outer Space. On her visits to Planet Earth she roams the sky, similar to a helicopter, in search of fun adventures. And she will find a lot. Stay tuned, why don’t you.

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Fashion Shopping in August 2016

Fashion Shopping in August 2016

We styled 3 outfits for you today;
Buzz Buzz; Queen Bee.
Fortune: Circus Girl.
Poing Poing: Little Aliën Girl.

These outfits are all available at (if you’re reading this in August 2016 just click new in and you’ll find these items easily)


Bettie Ball

Hi I am Bettie Ball

I was crowned Space Queen in the fifties,
it was probably the most memorable moment in my life.
Up till then, my everyday life was about turning bowling balls
at the bowling ball workshop.
When I became Space Queen they attached a Pink Space house to my house.
Which I use for entertaining visitors, to keep my legend alive.
bettie ball
photographer unknown (via greatgrottu)bettie ball
photocredits armorer77 (img via go2gbo)

unnamed house, place unknown photocredits Anton Lepashov (img via chewbukka)betty ballTemporary installation for the W/ Project Space in New York by Leong Leong (img via suckerpunchdaily)

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Willy the Westler

Hi, I am Willy the Westler, I hide my face because I often act in a violent way. I live secluded in the woods but you can find my place easily. I like my colors bright; for anything I am, do or possess, so I can keep focused on whatever I need to be focused on.tumblr_ncl0p1NoOJ1qk03yyo1_500
Poster for westler Brazo de Oro, which means “Arm of gold”in Spanish (via semensperms)tumblr_ne5baw5euk1rpvkb2o2_500
Didier Faustino adds “explosive architectural installation” to André Bloc’s 1950s villa (via throughjo)tumblr_nd1p4yGUCg1r62zwpo1_1280Markus Linnenbrink, Disorientating Rainbow (via leslieseuffert)

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Pamela Plant

Hi, I am Pamela Plant, I love plants. Although I’m a bit stuck in the sixties of the previous century, I do like my gadget’s to be the newest you can buy. The most comfortable place for me is my home. My newest gadget, a vacuum cleaner, is operating 24/7 ’cause it doubles as an entertaining center for my roommate.
Collection Fall 2012 Paule Ka (via kleidersachen)tumblr_mrgz4n6yyz1r18tzao1_500
Sixties ceramics available von MimiMall: Villeroy & Boch, Mug: made in england Pot: West-Germany
via itslaurenpham.