Sunday To Do Tip: Shamrock House Abcoude

Sunday To Do Tip: Abcoude

Today would be a nice day to visit the lovely village of Abcoude, close to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Why? Beacause the private home ‘Shamrock House’ in Abcoude is open to public, and it’s filled with art, design objects, photography and tableware, all for sale. Oh.. and Dutch artist Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest will be drawing your portrait if you want. This exhibition is organized by Vasco del Arte and it houses work by, a.o; Airco Caravan, Narouz Moltzer, Peter Klashorst, Marcel Smink, JW Kaldenbach, Gem Kingdom, Adzer van der Molen, Mrs Jack and yours truly Mimi Berlin.

We did follow up on the Sunday to do tip, see the photo’s, made by JW Kaldenbach, above.

Ways to Celebrate X-Mas with Family: Sixties Style

Ways to Celebrate X-Mas with Family: Sixties Style

Or; how to embellish the christmas days: clothes, decoration, food, presents and portraits.

-Lyndon B Johnson, 36th President of the USA, with his family in the Yellow Oval Room, Christmas 1968
-1960s ad for (Daisy) Rifles
-Covina, California, 1960.” It is part of the collection “Retro Holiday Slide Show” at the Pyramid Club in the East Village. (©charles_phoenix) -Meal; turkey (1960s)
-1960s advertisement for Weldon look-alike pyjama’s.

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Shopping for Santa-Claus


Personality shopping production: 2 spreads. December Issue of Eigen Huis & Interieur Magazine / 2013

December: gifts and wrappings

With Halloween being celebrated, we’ll put our focus on Christmas.

As new journalist at Harper’s Bazaar, Diana Vreeland started Why don’t you… in what would soon become a cult column. This holiday special appeared in the December 1936 issue, in which Vreeland asks “Why don’t you buy your wrapping paper at the Japan Paper Company?”, “Why don’t you go to Dazians prop shop for your table decorations?”. (Photo: D.R., with kind permission from the Musei Civici Veneziani.)

Mrs Vreeland’s Christmas gifts suggestions, december 1936.