How to Remember the Lyrics to ‘My Favorite Things’

How to Remember the Lyrics to ‘My Favorite Things’

Mimi Berlin feels it’s important to know the lyrics from the classic ‘The Sound of Music’ song; My Favorite Things, so we gathered images to make it more easy to remember the words by.

You’re Welcome! xoxo Mimi Berlin

My Favorite Things is written by Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers for the musical The Sound of Music (1959)

Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings

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On the wall.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, resort 2013 (

Chevron Moulding. Illustration from The Comprehensive History of England. Gresham Publishing, 1902.(via)

Case-Mate iPhone 5 Barely There Universal Case van Zazzle (via)
On the left is a normal chevron on the right is a chevron abased. (via)

Enamel Stack Bangles (via)

Classic Chanel (via)

Pied de Coq

Pied de Coq or Hound’s tooth.
History in a nutshell: these checks originated in woven wool cloth of the Scottish Lowlands, but are now used in many other materials.

Just so you know;
The traditional houndstooth check is made with alternating bands of four dark and four light threads in both warp and weft/filling woven in a simple 2:2 twill, two over – two under the warp, advancing one thread each pass.(wikipedia)

Vionnet, 1933
Diorella, eau de toilette.
Lady wearing a classic suit in a pied-de-coq check, carrying a Hermès Kelly bag.

“The most interesting part of the classic patterns is that they are set in our memory.” Mimi Berlin, 2012

Classics; # 1 Breton stripes

Classics; # 1 Breton stripes

Mimi’s notes on classics in pattern history: “The most interesting part of the classic pattern is that they are set in our memory.” Mimi Berlin altered a design by youasme by adding tags: a new take on the breton stripe. The first “youasmimi classic” was revealed during the collection presentation youasme-measyou S/S 2012

Icon wearing Icon

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