God of the Gym Paul Hunt

God of the Gym Paul Huntpaul-hunt

Rocking the balance beam: Paul Hunt, aka Pauletta Huntesque or Pauletta Huntenvova at the Gala ‘Les dieux de la Gym’  (Gods of the Gym) in 1996. (images via Hunts Gymnastics.com)

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Circus People in the 1930s

Circus People in the 1930s were an attractive lot, for us at Mimi Berlin that is. We tracked down some portraits, during work and during time off. Especially when viewing the portraits by August Sander it get’s clear that working for the circus in those days was a hard job. (guess that hasn’t changed much) The contradiction between the glamour front stage and the life backstage, with it’s torn clothes and sloppy make-up  is so huge!  But we think both sides are equally interesting, what do you think?630px-The_Cairolis_c1930
The Cairolis; Porto, Jean-Marie Cairoli and Carletto Cairoli (c.1930) — Photo: Fréjaville Collection (via circopedia.org Yes Circopedia!)

August Sander (1876-1964) is known as the first modern portrait and documentary photographer, and one of the most important German portrait photographer of the early twentieth century. You can see his influence in, for instance, the work of Diane Arbus (via anthonylukephotography) PS: Do visit Anthony Luke’s blog he has a wonderful collection…



Light ‘image editing’ with various Pierrot images, accessories and what have you not………
Sarah Bernhardt by Nadar / Yamamoto 1973
Guillaume Seignac (19thCentury) “pierrots embrace”
/ mask by Laura Liberte (img via mocoloco)
Emilio Cavallini Pierrot Collar Socks
Emilio Cavallini
PierrotCollarSocks. Rightside;
Toga W 11 collection (via)

vintage_VOGUE_UK75_mimimagazinespierrot lashes vr for Shu Uemura

December 1975 Marie Helvin by David Bailey. 180 pages/600 grams €45,- (mimimagazines / Viktor and Rolf eyelashes for (image via Shu Uemura) w 09