Fashion Shopping in August 2016

Fashion Shopping in August 2016

We styled 3 outfits for you today;
Buzz Buzz; Queen Bee.
Fortune: Circus Girl.
Poing Poing: Little Aliën Girl.

These outfits are all available at (if you’re reading this in August 2016 just click new in and you’ll find these items easily)


Mimi Berlin’s Pink Fashion Shopping

Fashion Shopping Collage

New Arrivals in Pink. Picked for You by Mimi Berlin, made for fun.

Mimi Berlin's Pink Fashion Shopping

Thursday, April 7, 2016. A new and unpublished accessories shopping collage by us.

Get your pink accessories now! BUY at: all brands;, &, earrings; monnier, gloves:, socks: & other &

Fashion Fall 2015: RVDK

Fashion Fall 2015: RVDK

RVDK is the new label by Fashion Designer Ronald van der Kemp. This first collection is named Wardrobe #1 and is seasonless, it all does look great!! We think it’s a very fresh collection, also the idea of making a collage from clothes is marvelous and very fashionable! Read about RVDK on and on Vogue
(photography by Marijke Aerden, courtesy of RVDK)