Colorcharted Images by Mimi Berlin

Colorcharted Images by Mimi Berlin

The Resort series


The Tiny Living series

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Collage Artworks with Brooches by Mimi Berlin

Artworks with Brooches by Mimi Berlin

The first series of Mimi Berlin’s VintageDeluxe Fashion Accessories Artworks are ready! In order to keep the past of fashion alive, preserve and comment on it, we decided to take one magazine from our mimimagazines collection apart and turn it into artworks; by combining them with costume jewelry from our collection (which is also vintagedeluxe). The collages, 45 in total, are all made with laminated pages from one magazine; Linea Italia Magazine, augm1980, and carefully selected brooches, fixed together in a storytelling way.

The ingredients for these collages are both vintagedeluxe. The brooches are mostly costume jewelry which are fixed onto the laminated fashion magazine pages, they can be taken off if you’d like to wear them or you can hang the artwork on your wall (with or without the jewelry; you can decide that after purchase for yourself!)

They aren’t up for sale ye;t they have to be photographed properly first…..we’ll keep you posted!


New Romance Private View

New Romance Private View

An exhibition with work by artists Katja Schellekens and AntonaCollages

Katja Schellekens makes paintings of flowers and plants. The flowers are arranged in compositions, generating a new chaotic image. The resulting details are used to painting, combining realistic and abstracted, quirky color, on the brink of kitsch and a new look at romance. Katja has worked as a fashion illustrator for years and was a lecturer at various art academies.

Antonia / Tonny Timmermans makes collages; cut and paste, handmade.
The subject is mostly fashion and alienating elements. She uses existing footage, which they share reused and redeployed to a whole new image. Her work is characterized by a tuft of humor, elegant style and a new narrative romance. In the early nineties Antonia was the founder of the then renowned fashion boutique in Amsterdam with the same name, with collections of young Dutch fashion designers. Besides her own work, she now works freelance for a number of Dutch fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Glamour and Elle.

New Romance Private View; 9 december : 18.00 – 20.00/10 – 11 december : 11.00 – 17.00at Oudeschans 5a Amsterdam