Mimi Berlin Blogger Team at Amsterdam Fashionweek

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team at Amsterdam Fashionweek

It’s that time of the year again; Fashionweek in Amsterdam has started. Mimi Berlin Blogger Team saw 3 Shows on Thursday, January 26, 2017. And two more on Friday. First we went to see the presentation of Collectie Arnhem 2017. After that it was time for the opening night of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.

The Opening-Night shows are always situated at the Gashouder; an inmense venue which houses a couple of thousand people. This year Martan (design duo Diek Pothoven and Luuk Kuijf) opened Amsterdam Fashion Week. A very gutsy move: Martan is a debutant to the ‘ball’ and this also was their first collection ever made! Martan took inspiration for their designs from “various world religions and spirituality” and in particular from the Bahá’í Temple. They showed 30 looks in total for men and women. We think it’s a smart move that they collaborated with various designers on embroideries, knits, shoes (Ailissa Nicolai), prints (Marieke van de Ven) and bags (Adinda Anna). We are not sure if we mentioned all….if not please let us know. (read and see more HERE)

Next and last we visited a group show;’The Painting‘. Nine young designers: Ailene van Elmpt, Johannes Offerhaus, Liesbeth Sterkenburg, Marlou Breuls, Merel van Glabbeek, Sunanda Koning, TRINHBECX, Yoko Maja and Zyanya Keizer each showed 3 or 4 outfits, all made in white. It’s always nice to see the diversity of designs at group presentantion. This show clearly had a theme: Peace (which we love!). After the models were done walking the catwalk, a choir, dressed in colorful Vlisco prints, appeared while singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. We aren’t sure why: the statement made was already absolutely clear before this ‘church-encore’

Fashionweek in Amsterdam day 2

Disney’s Beauty and The Beast Fashion Collaboration: With the movie in mind and in particular Belle; set in modern day times, nine (young) designers (Boaz van Doornik, Elke van Zuylen, Liesbeth Sterkenburg, Zyanya Keizer, Marlou Breuls and Jazz Kuipers) designed one outfit each. We didn’t visit the show but met up with 2 very enthusiastic participants; Boaz van Doornik and Liesbeth Sterkenburg. They sent us their photo’s which you can see above.

Schepers Bosman, Collection F/W2017 ‘Flat Dutch’ (men and women’s wear.)
Designers Anne Bosman and Sanne Schepers are starting over with a new name after the close-down of their former label Futura. The designs of SchepersBosman are very recognizable as theirs; they are from The Netherlands and this duo doesn’t hide that fact. No way! They embrace their roots and managed to translate them into a fresh, intelligent and the most casual collection we’ve seen so far at MBAFW. (Our guess it WILL be the most casual one for sure.) The ‘Flat Dutch’ collection, (for which Dazzle camouflage and sailing were inspiration sources) was a breath of fresh air because of the originality and honesty in design. And even more so because of the fact that a dreamworld rules at MBFWA. Please visit the SchepersBosman site to see collection for yourself.

TRINHBECX showed their 2nd collection, womens’s wear made for A/W2017, in 21 looks, at Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. According to the designers this season was based on “vintage cycling shirts, liquorish, Alessandro Mendini’s special chair, medieval costumes and 2000’s pop music videos.” That’s what we noticed as well but In our minds the 1970s aesthetics linger on the most, maybe because these outfits were translated quite literally from that era? Never mind that! We had a great time watching this show. It was noticeable, in comparison to trinhbecx’ previous collection, that the designers Tung Trinh and Tim Becx are growing into making less experimental designs and are creating their personal signature within the bounderies of making wearable and unique fashion.

There was much much more to be seen of course; Go to Amsterdam Fashion Week to read about and see all shows and events

FashionWeek NL: Collectie Arnhem 2017

FashionWeek NL: Collectie Arnhem 2017

On Thursday Jan. 26 Mimi Blogger Team went to see the presentation of Collectie Arnhem 2017: Freedom! Inconvenience! Madness! And a hard-boiled egg.

The third year students of Artez Arnhem Fashion Design came up with a surprisingly divers collection and presentation. In the color of a hard boiled egg: yellow, they indeed showed freedom and inconvenience. Models obiviously felt free in ‘sweatshirt’ tops and couldn’t walk at all in monumental trousers (just naming the extremes here). The latter is sheer madness od course!

The fact that our fashion-imagination instantly started translating the more ‘inconvenient’ designs into wearable clothes isn’t ‘madness’ at all! No, au contraire; it is exactly what you need if you own a fashion label: intelligent ideas, authenticity and crafstmanship (needless to say that includes pattern making etc.) seamlessly applyable to more wearable fashion design.
We would hire a student with those abilities right away. Leider/Unfortunately/Helaas/Malheuresement we don’t own a fashion label.

Lookbook Images were photographed by the designers, as part of the annual ‘Collectie Arnhem’ study project. So for the best images made of this collection visit Collectie Arnhem’s Facebook, Instagram or site.

Each year again the ‘Collectie Arnhem’ production team manages to invite us to an unexpected place which we’ve never seen before! This year the fashion presentation was held at the newly opened NewWerktheater in Amsterdam, a build from the sixties which used to be a theater. A rather perfect location which will soon be opened for food and drinks (and more)

See more posts on Collectie Arnhem HErE on this blog

Click HERE to to what we’ve seen at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam January 2017


ArtEZ Fashion Design presents Collectie Arnhem 2016: Flux/Reflux

ArtEZ Fashion Design presents Collectie Arnhem 2016:  Flux/Reflux

The Collection Arnhem 2016 show was held at Amsterdam’s convention center RAI, in the newly build “Amtrium” on the second floor, a space with a view (on houses, designed by Berlage.) decorated with wall to wall carpet in bright purple. Venue and collection were a perfect match. The main color-scheme of Collection Arnhem 2016 (women’s wear) is bright and colorful; red, white, black, aubergine and blue with copper accents. Fabric use ranges from lightweight and semi-transparent knits to heavy, almost blanket like fabrics, equally shaped into huge, chunky and draped silhouettes. The models walked the stage crossing each other constantly in what seemed a random path, that created a beautiful cadans (the concept was streamlined by By B.Y. and coached by Kim Vos). Heavy coats (they were kinda sexy) dragged slowly over the carpet, while dresses reminiscent of beauty-pageant-sashes floated over the catwalk acompanied by wonderful, multicolor knits. The joy, love, creativity and hard work the third year students* must have put in this project could be seen in the Collection Arnhem 2016 show!

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went backstage and noticed that the students all were very proud of what they have accomplished. The way they handled the garments, explained the collection (by showing the workbook) to the sponsors, helped the models undress (with cotton gloves), showed us that the students have respect for each other and love for what they created. Both the show, and backstage were a true joy to experience!  Continue reading

Collectie Arnhem 2015

Collectie Arnehm 2015 presented itself, guerilla-like style, at the final fashion show of the ArtEZ fashion department. Dressed in white they shared cotton cloths with info on one of the students, including a fingerprint, with the audience. We have to wait until January 2015 to see what they came up with. Wir sind gespannt! See our review on the fashion design masters graduation 2014 HERE

Collectie/Collection Arnhem 2014

Collectie/Collection Arnhem 2014: “Zest”: Collectie Arnhem is an annual project by 3rd year bachelor students at ArtEZ Fashion Design in which the students get to design, style, sample, present, finance, show, sell and produce their own collection.

The fashion show by Collection Arnhem was held in a photo studio in Amsterdam. At the entrance we were served to a gin tonic and got our shoes protected. On entering the studio a we got a little disoriented because we were in a completely white room without corners. No horizon, nothing to focus us on. until the models walked by. The designs were made in a nude/white/grey color palette with a blue and yellow added hint of “Zest”. The silhouettes were long and lean, often ending at the height of the calf. Volumes were crushed by folding them underneath transparent fabrics. They made use of wonderful fabric embellishments such as knitted smocking techniques and puff prints to make the fabric cringe. At the end of the show the audience could touch and feel all garments as the models stood still. All together a wonderful show!

This year the focus was not only on the clothes. Even before we saw a single garment we already knew a lot about Collectie Arnhem 2014. The students worked their marketing very well! Come to think of it: It is for the first time they spent time on marketing this way (2014 is the 16th edition of Collectie Arnhem). First we got to see Collectie Arnhem’s campaign image; “From Arnhem with Love” shot by photographer Erwin Olaf.  With this campaign they ask attention for the degrading circumstances surrounding gay rights in Russia. The print was inspired on “Beat the white with the red wedge” by El Lissitzky. The t-shirt is available in a limited edition of 60 pieces and will be sold in order to support Amnesty International’s LGBT project. Secondly they produced a perfume (in collaboration with Tanja Deurloo of Annindriya) called Eau de la Mode, “60 years of Arnhem Fashion in one perfume” (note: ArtEZ Arnhem just celebrated it’s 60th jubilee) The development of this perfume started with one question to the hundreds of alumni of the fashion department in Arnhem: What does fashion smells like? The answers were divers, ranging from Cigarette Smoke to a Morning in Paris. Inspired by these answers they created a unique smell (in a limited edition of 60 bottles each with a unique ribbon laser cut with a year from 1953-2014) If you buy a bottle you will support the realization of Collectie Arnhem 2014. Eau de la Mode can be bought at Arnhem Coming Soon and at Margreet Olsthoorn or can be ordered on-line at collectiearnhem@artez.nl. (80 ml / €100,-) In third place: For the first time the 3rd year bachelor students gave themselves face, simply by posting a group portrait and wishing everybody a great new year 2014 and thanking all that helped them with this project. Needless to say they gained a lot of (press) attention even before they showed the collection. Clever bachelor’s! www.collectiearnhem.nl

Collection Arnhem 2013

We, Mimi Berlin, just went to see the 15th edition of  Collectie Arnhem titled; I Love Me, by 3rd year bachelor students of ArtEZ Fashion Design, at the Mediamatic Factory in Amsterdam. Collectie Arnhem is an annually school-project where the students get to design, style, sample, present, finance, show, sell and produce their own collection.

If you missed this show you have another change to see it on June, 6 & 7 in Arnhem. Previous editions of Collectie Arnhem are sold at Soepboer & Stoker and SKY in Amsterdam at Margreeth Olsthoorn in Rotterdam and at Coming Soon and at the Dutch department store De Bijenkorf in Arnhem. And maybe at your shop this year?

For more front row (party) snaps click HERE

All catwalk images by Peter Stigter
Collectie Arnhem is made possible by ArtEZ and Made in Arnhem. (Thahanks schoon den boer