Green Boiled Eggs

Green Boiled Eggs: In our search for “surrealistic food” we also came across things you can do to an egg. The tips and tricks we found to handle eggs are mostly made to feed a child, but with a little imagination these molds (and what have you) can be a great start for a seriously beautiful and surreal meal.

Earlier we posted a, somewhat more glamorous, recipe for Disco eggs

images via themuddyprincess / / Phaidonjezebel / lunchinabox

How to use a Banana

How to use a Banana? That’s the Question for today. We found two different ways: glamorous and minimalistic . Which is your favorite?

Flash Dance

Flash Dance. Here’s how to get ready for the glamorous life. Where? At the discotheque. Or when having your photo taken by Steven Klein for Vogue Magazine, like Nikki Minaj. But probably you’ll color up just to spend another day at the office. Why? Because you can!!!

Image credits: Christian Ferretti / / Mierswa Kluska

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink at the Golden Door Spa in California. These are pictures of the original fitness program in the 60s. (via spaweekblog) If a trip to the Spa wasn’t your thing, one could use the Figure Firmer by Scandia in the privacy of your own home.