Bagatelle No.25 WoO 59/Bia 515

Für Elise

Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor WoO 59/Bia 515 for solo piano, commonly known as “Für Elise”, is one of Ludwig van Beethoven’s most popular compositions. It is usually classified as a bagatelle. The composition was not published during Beethoven’s lifetime, having been discovered by Ludwig Nohl 40 years after the composer’s death. The identity of “Elise” is unknown.

Bagatelle No. 25 WoO 59, Bia 515
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A bagatelle is a short piece of music, typically for the piano, and usually of a light, mellow character. The name bagatelle literally means “a short unpretentious instrumental composition” as a reference to the light style of a piece. The earliest use of the name “bagatelle” for a musical work was by François Couperin, in his tenth harpsichord ordre (1717), in which a rondeau is titled “Les bagatelles’.

Wall Works by Jacob Hashimoto

Wall Works by Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto uses the traditional kite-making techniques and forms to construct his three dimensional wall works. Existing as neither sculpture nor painting, Hashimoto’s compositions delicately float before the eye, mounted on an intricate network of interlaced nylon thread suspended from the wall by a line of pegs at both top and bottom. Tied to this support are hundreds of swatches of rice paper and bamboo slivers – some collaged or painted with complex designs – dangling in abstracted motifs. Through this unique process Hashimoto’s works convey an ephemeral wonder, entrancing the viewer with their continuously shifting illusion of light, space, motion, and sense of flight.
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Colorful Compositions

Colorful Compositions

Pretty but useless? We don’t think so, these compositions are Ab-So-Lut-Ely very inspiring!
Colorful Compositions
Nathalie Chikhi ‘s coloured Popsicle sticks. (Thahanks Design Milk)
Kontor Kontur
The color coordinated products below are photographed by Kontor Kontur. Kontor Kontur is a Swedish design office, working with graphic design, product design and interior design in Gothenburg. The group met at HDK School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg,. Kontor Kontur
Colorful Compositions
Colorful Compositions


All the colors can be bought as an A5 Postcard. (Thahanks Munny Hess)