Press Giftbags Sharing What we got at Milan Design Week


There are press-days at the start of the Milan Design Week, and that has it’s perks. Not only can you visit venues without waiting in line (looooooong lines, for the most populair presentatons) but you also get press material. We, at Mimi Berlin, are press because we have a blog, where we share all things nice in life. We never really work hard to go everywhere and gather gifts, because that’s not a nice thing to do with your life. Anyhow we went to the press days at Ventura Centrale this year and here’s some images of limited edition stuff we took home.

free press gifts milan design week
2 black bags from Maarten Baas, 1 grey bag from COS, 1 off-white bag from triennale, 1 plastic bag from DNP, 1 off-white bad from Weltevree, 2 plastic coins from Kranen/Gille, 1 button from moooi, 1 blue japanese towel from DBP.

Gifts for Free

Of course we don’t need: six bags, two plastic coins, one button and several booklets! Altough they are limited editions, what’s the use? We do really want to keep the catalogue from the Broken Nature exhibition at the XXII Triennale. Also, the booklet by Lensvelt we’d like to keep (’cause it’s photographed by JW Kaldenbach) but the rest?
We will gladly share that with you; our readers!

How do I get my Free Gift of choice

Just leave a comment below and state what you want. First come first serve, you pay the postage fee.
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xoxo Mimi

The sound of COS by Lernert & Sander

The sound of COS by Lernert & Sander

The sound of COS by Lernert & Sander
The Sound of COS from cosstores on Vimeo.

Reviving the classic art of audio drama for a fashion brand is such a great idea! Directors/artists Lernert & Sander came up with the idea to use it for COS for the Fall season of 2014. Using audio drama for COS is even more than just a great idea: The clothes by COS are always very simple, or seemingly so. Mimicking everyday sounds such as footsteps also seem simple but Lernert & Sander show in this movie that it’s not (although we think they are faking it, but that’s beside the point) Combining this fact with the allover retro feel of the COS collections we think this advertisement is also a very clever one.
You all probably know what audio drama is, but if you don’t, do read on, we’ll explain it in a nutshell. Before the age of having access to moving images with sound every second of the day (now) there used to be only sound or only moving images, separately, recording sound and image together wasn’t yet invented (before). People didn’t have television sets or computers, they owned a radio. Those were the days when audio drama (or radio drama) was en vogue. (if you have more interest in dates and such check wikipedia) Continue reading

Fuorisalone Milano 2014: Nendo x COS

Japanese designer brand Nendo teamed up with the Swedish fashion-chain COS to show at the Via Delle Erbe 2 at the Milan Design Week of 2014. This team came up with the installation “Space Dipped Shirts”. The shirts weren’t actually dip-dyed but sewn in different color blocks, following the metal frames they were placed in. Downstairs there was a solo exhibition by Nendo to be seen. They are truly Master in presentation! We, at Mimi Berlin, also photographed the signs that went with the designs, just to state that fact.