Frans Molenaar has Passed Away

Frans Molenaar has Passed Away Frans Molenaar has Passed Away

Frans Molenaar posing in front of one of his dresses from the seventies. (photo taken in 2011 at The GemeenteMuseum in The Hague)

On January 9, 2015, Dutch couturier Frans Molenaar has passed away at the age of 74. Frans Molenaar was the last of the “old school” generation of Dutch couturiers.

Many, many moons ago Mr Molenaar was one of Mimi Berlin’s first cliënts.
We will always remember Mr Molenaar both for his designs and his personality, also for giving us a break when we were starting out in fashion design.

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Dior at the MOCA Shanghai

The MOCA Shanghai has a marvelous exhibition on couturier Dior. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Shanghai shows an overview of the work of the house of Dior from beginning through the collection for winter 2012. Showcased in 9 separate theme rooms such as; J’adore, Pink, Paris, The Look, Versailles, Garden, Artist, Studio and Stars. The rooms are divided by large walls with photo’s portraying the theme. All the photo’s in this exhibition are made by Patrick Demachelier. Florence Müller curated the exhibition. Bonus is on the ground floor where you can find the Dior Studio in which the some of the House of Dior staff show their craft. We’ve met a seamstresses who’s been working for Dior for over twenty years, we were in awe…….Esprit Dior is on show through November 10th 2013