Tallest Men on Earth in the 20th century

Tallest Men

The three men pictured below were some the tallest men on earth, in the beginning of the 20th century. Ralph ‘Tex’ Madsen or the ‘Tall Cowboy’ was photographed in 1919 on the steps of the Capitol in the US of A. The German soldier, photographed and captivated at Calais in 1944 is believed to be Jakob Nacken. After WWII he returned to New York, where his job was being the largest Santa Claus in the world. Gogea Mitu a.k.a. ‘Goliath of Romania’ was a boxer from, yes; Romania, photograped here in 1935 together with an ‘opponent’. They all most likely suffered from gigantism don’t you think?

How lovely and strange are these images?!
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(The photo’s were originally made in black and white, they have been colorized later on- via @historycolored)
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Rodeo Fashion At Flying L Ranch

Rodeo Fashion At Flying L Ranch

A Fashion shoot photographed by Cornell Capa in 1947 (via LIFE) At the Flying L Ranch which can still be visited, in Texas. Continue reading

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, sweathearts in the country and western world. Together they played in theTV series Roy Rogers

credits:B&W portrait of Roy and Dale Evans, photographer unknown (via californialifeh)/(Roy and Dale Evans, photographer unknown (via worthpoint)/Roy and Dale Evans  Photo by Mike Roberts (via vintagechromes)/Roy and Dale Evans, photographer unknown (via sweetheartsofthewest)/Roy and Dale Evans ©Time/Life (via flapperdays)

Motels and Cow Girls

On the road: The glamorous life of a Cow girl.
western motel
Western Motel. All The Amenities, photographer unknown ( via battered shoes)
graig mcdean
Cowgirls, they always trigger our imagination, a teen-age dream probably, but we are not the only ones: A boy named Sue by Craig McDean (and who is the fashion editor, anyone?)  for W Magazine, March 2004.

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