Milan Designweek 2018 Japan Creative ABCD Elements

ABCD Elements

‘Japan Creative’ (JC for short) has 3 new projects on show in Milan during Designweek 2018. The one we really like, is named JC21 a.k.a. the ABCD Elements. These soft seaters are the result of the collaboration between Japanese craftsman TAKEYARI and British designer Faye Toogood. Not only is this design very stunning, it is also a sustainable one, ànd witty! There is a 70’s feel to them, but it isn’t overpowering; the ABCD Elements are designs which have the easy-going and friendly vibe from the 1970s. At least that’s how we, at Mimi Berlin, feel about this design.

These stunning seaters, or cushions, can be seen until the 22nd of April, 2018 at Palazzo Litta on the Corso Magenta 24 in Milan.

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BFGF an Art Brand Inspired by Comfort, Beauty and Humour

BFGF an Art Brand Inspired by Comfort, Beauty and Humour

BFGF is based in Los Angeles, it is the brand of artist Lilian Martinez. Ms Martinez makes wonderful, digitally printed plaids, cushions and blankets. (also silk scarves and shirts) which she sells in her web shop. On BFGF’s site it says that she is inspired by comfort, beauty and humour, a simple but nice statement! Our favorite piece is the Worldwide Aura Blanket (that’s the pink one with Lisa Simpson)

Auch Haben! (they are made of 100% cotton)

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