Menswear Spring 2015: Dazzle Camouflage

Menswear Spring 2015: Dazzle Camouflage

In our report on the women’s wear collections for Fall 2014 we already noticed the Dazzle Camouflage Trend. Again, for Spring 2015, the collections for men were spruced up with these bright, confusing prints. We, at Mimi Berlin, are happy to see that because we are very fond of this kind of exuberant kind of colour blocking, always have. Walter van Beirendonk took it to the next level and created Dazzle faces to accompany the clothes, showing us exactly how this colorful camouflage principle actually can work (see pictures above). Of course Dazzle Camouflage doesn’t always have to go into extremeties like that; The diagonal stripes at Balmain, the blocking at Marni and all the other examples above will do the job as well. (images via

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Fashion Tale F/W 2014: Razzle Dazzle

Fashion Tale F/W 2014: Razzle Dazzle. Or Dazzle camouflage, also known as Dazzle ships or dazzle painting, was a family of ship camouflage used extensively in World War I and to a lesser extent in World War II and afterwards. Credited to artist Norman Wilkinson, it consisted of complex patterns of geometric shapes in contrasting colors, interrupting and intersecting each other.
Well, our “Fashion Tale” obviously is about that; dazzle color blocking from very small prints to the larger sewn together combinations, allowing for silhouettes to be like ships; big and chunky. Bold statements like the pink striped cape at BCBG Max Azria will do, but also more “known” shapes such as the enlarged pied-de-coq at Les Copains or the enlarged check at Valentino are true razzle dazzles as well !

Believe it or not, Dazzle painting works in normal life too, it’s not for combat purposes only. But our story is situated in the war, hence the aviator’s jackets below, they complete this trend perfectly. We choose Amelia Earhart (July 24, 1897 – disappeared July 2, 1937) as inspiration source because she was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Dear fashion-people, We think you can work with that, and for your color cards, you take it to the next level, anything goes; from pastel to an autumn range to black and white, no boundaries there……

(read more at wikipedia on razzle dazzle HERE) All images are taken from

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Di Da Dazzle

Dazzle stripes

Vogue UK April 2011 Photo: Tim Walker Styling: Kate Phelan Dress: Marc Jacobs Sombrero: Prada

Small surveillance trailer nearby the American embassy, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Shoes by Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace)

Mercury/Planetaria, 2001, Pyuupiru, photo: Masayuki Yoshinaga thahanks Zootmagazine
UP chair, 2000, B&B Italia by Gaetano Pesce


“Dazzle painting,” devised in Britain during WWI, was based on the theory that its complex optical patterns would confuse enemy naval rangefinders by disguising a ship’s speed and direction. The concept was supposedly invented by marine painter (and wartime camoufleur) Norman L. Wilkinson.
ss, empire 1918 Russian Fleet
Fiat Strada painted in dazzle design by Patricia van Lubeck, 1990 © Courtesy DPM. Photo: Patricia van Lubeck (via tate modern)
 “Dazzle-ships in Drydock at Liverpool” (1919 ) by Edward Wadsworth ( via  commons.wikimedia)
Dress by c.neeon  (via fashionfreax)