MBFW Fashionweek Amsterdam Saturday July 9 2016

MBFW Fashionweek Amsterdam Saturday July 9 2016

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team’s second day at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.

We went to see three shows: First a Double bill with debutates Esmay Hijmans & TRINHBECX. Next the fashion show by professional Dennis Diem and last in row: Liselore Frowijn’s show, she graduated in 2013 at the ArtEZ, institute of the Arts in Arnhem. In between we got to meet and greet “The next generation of fresh young fashion professionals! Six talented young designers from The Netherlands”

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Fashion in Black

Fashion in Black by Dennis Diem for Fall 2014; his show and backstage at Fashion Week Amsterdam, January 2014.

Mimi Berlin chose black outfits out of a much wider color scheme shown by Dennis Diem (All photo’s by Peter Stigter via fashionweek.nl)