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The Bijenkorf (Beehive in Dutch) is the oldest and most high-end luxury department store in The Netherlands. One year ago they added a premium service: shopping with personal assistance. It was long overdue and about time for Mimi Berlin Blogger Team to finally shop with one of the personal shoppers at The Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.


We must say we had a lovely experience. First, our personal shopper, Ms Kranenborg, took us onto the “floor” in search of a suit for the male party of our Blogger Team. After a while the choice was narrowed down to 3 suits, which were brought to the special, very large and comfortable, dressingroom or so-called lounge (decorated entirely in pink and brown tones) on the second floor. During fittings the female part of our team got to sit down on the couch and eat cookies. After we decided upon the purchase there was champagne ànd an experienced team of tailors! Continue reading

Mimi Berlin’s Objects at Magasin Horaz

Mimi Berlin’s Objects at Magasin Horaz

Yesterday we visited Magazin Horaz in The Hague. We left some of Mimi Berlin’s unique statuettes, scarves, jewelry and the 3-D printed Albino Rabbit (number 2/10 of the limited, signed edition) :shop shop shop!

Magasin Horas is certainly worth a visit! Not only for our goods, but also for the other wonderful products in store, such as the Hacked collection by Van Slobbe Van Benthum, and many more ‘speciality’ brands! Click the link to read more about this small department store on this blog. Molenstraat 19, The Hague: open daily from 11:00-19:00

Have a Nice Day!
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Magasin Horaz New Department Store in The Hague

Magasin Horaz New Department Store in The Hague

A new and lovely department store has been opened: Magasin Horaz in The Hague. Why is Magasin Horaz special? The shop itself: it’s divided into separate rooms in a historical violin workshop (from Josef Joachim Vedral, violin maker) built in 1700. The goods: a mix of, well, everything; carefully selected by owner Horas Simanullang. Browsing the store you can feel the fun it’s owner has with filling his store, we think that’s very special! Magasin Horaz has a small selection of high quality goods like menswear fashion (Comme des Garcons, Van Slobbe Van Benthum) bespoke designer objects, (cook) books, interior design items, some top notch foods and sooooo much more. The back of the store houses a small art gallery with a new exhibition every two months. You can also have a drink in the “Red Room” and sit outside on the patio if you like. The shop has yet to have a “Grand Opening” but it is open already!

The stairs to nowhere are showcasing items from the store.

The Hague: the city where queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands live. Magasin Horaz is situated in the old part of town: the center in the Molenstraat, a stones throw away from the Royal Palace Noordeinde, that’s where the Dutch king works. Visit Magazin Horaz on Facebook

Adaptive Travelers: Stairs to a Non-Existent Fourth Floor

Adaptive Travelers: Stairs to a Non-Existent Fourth Floor

We, Mimi Blogger Team, visited the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.
Being the fashion-angels that we are; we went straight to the fashion-exhibition named ‘Adaptive Travelers‘ (more on that HERE) The exhibition, by Modebelofte 2016, was held at the top floor of the Dutch luxury department store “De Bijenkorf” (‘The Beehive’ in Dutch).

But first we had to adapt ourselves to the intricate entrance route. Instead of just taking the store elevator (or escalator for that matter) we had to walk 3 flights of stairs, which are normally only used by employees, to the actual exhibition. After we exited the exhibition, via a parcours set on the roof (fun!), we saw the mysterious staircase leading to nowhere!!!

We find such a staircase very intruiging, this is the first time we’ve seen such an unfinished build in the Netherlands (which is a mini country with many, very strict rules). In 1960s ‘De Bijenkorf’ store only needed 3 stories, but urban planning was made for 4 stories. From the outside the fabulous building looks much taller than it actually is: the fourth floor is merely a facade. But the plans remain in the form of the stairs leading to nowhere! (Thahanks!! D. Martijn Oostra for this story)

The façade of the Dutch Departmentstore ‘De Bijenkorf” is designed by Giò Ponti (in cooperation withTheo Boosten, Frans Gaast and Mario Negri 1965/1968). Continue reading


MimiMall.Amsterdam Department Store

MimiMall the Department Store at Mimi Berlin Amsterdam. Visit the store online and order some of our wonderful unique stuff.

In Store Today:

Mimi Berlin Bijoux: High-end Limited edition jewelry designed by Mimi Berlin: upcycled necklaces and bracelets

Framed Brooches:
Vintage-de-Luxe Costume Jewelry Brooches carefully matched to pages of vintage fashion magazines: to pin to your clothes OR frame them to hang onto your wall as art. Made in collaboration with Friperie Jansen

Low-end Mimi Merchandise, mass produced items designed by Mimi Berlin: mugs, phone-cases.

Paper Products:
Wallpaper and traditional postcards: AnSich Cards designed by Mimi Berlin

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In Africa at Merci

In Africa at Merci

“Merci celebrates the iconic and exuberant African wax print all throught Fashion Week and beyond. Inspired by a new generation of young African designers, through a fashion collection designed in-house, plus jewelry, furniture and objects. Merci presents a contemporary and authentic Africa, far from its folklore. A seductice and happy theme !” (read more and shop at