Sakura Jelly

Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese.

Widely celebrated in Japanese literature, poetry, and art, sakura carry layered meanings. For example, because they bloom briefly, the blossoms are often seen as a metaphor for the ephemeral beauty of living. At the same time, the joyful tradition of hanami (flower viewing) is an old and ongoing tradition. The practice was first associated with plum blossoms before becoming almost exclusively linked with cherry blossoms by the Heian Period (794–1185). With wider exposure to Japanese art and culture in the nineteenth century, audiences in the U.S. and around the world embraced sakura as a particularly Japanese cultural hallmark.(read more

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How to make Sakura jelly

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Resort 2016: Louis Vuitton in the Desert of Palm Springs

Resort 2016: Louis Vuitton in the Desert of Palm Springs

The  images above are made by Juergen Teller, on the premises of the Resort 2016 Fashion Show, of Louis Vuitton in Palm Springs. This show was held at “The Volcano Home” which was built by Josef Lautner, commissioned by Bob and Dolores Hope.

Ok, enough about the venue. The clothes were stunning, in our opinion. We had to think of Mad Max, but in Glamour-land. Post Apocalyptic everyday wear. Nothing torn or ripped but sturdy and almost protective, with romantic touches from the sixties and from the 19th century USA settlers. Well, that’s a mouthful…, as always it’s better to see for yourself. Check it out with our story in mind, and see if you like the collection as much as we do. See all the runway photo’s HERE on (images via

Go see the venue of the Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Fashion Show  HERE


The Oldest Living Things in the World

Photographer Rachel Sussman’s, is portraying ‘The oldest things in life’. And yes, she finds them in Mother nature’s womb!
12,000 + years old; Mojave desert, CA.
Up to 13,000 years old; Pretoria, South Africa

2,000 years old; Namib Naukluft desert, Namibia.

Up to 3,000 years old, Atacama desert, Chile.
In this interdisciplinary project Rachel Sussman’s subjects are living in nearly 20 different countries. They include over 30 different organisms ranging from trees to predatory fungus to ancient bacteria. Make sure check her site, to see the complete series. And to view more of her,landscape-based, work.