Bright Flowers on a Black Background Fashion Winter 2019

The Pret-a-Porter runway shows for the Winter of 2019 are just about to finish. Mimi Berlin is very fond of prints and thus noticed a mini trend: How to make your summer flowers suitable for the winter season? Use huge bright flowers and place them on a black background. Add black and yellow solids, and, presto! You have yourself a wonderful and easy to sell capsule-collection.

Your Welcome! xoxo Mimi Berlin @mbmodebüro

As seen at Prada, Marc Jacobs and Dries van Noten during fashionweek Milan, New-York and Paris. Below more outfits by Prada. (imagecredits: Peter Stigter)

The Hunt in fashion and Interior design

The Hunt in fashion and Interior design

On the left; Comme des Garçons Homme Plus, Spring 2016 (view collection HERE on

Needless to say we love the outfit!!
Our Friend Petronella made this Mimicry design for an easy chair, in the same (or nearly similar fabric), for a residential home in 2010. Petronella called it “The Hunt”

More mimicry on this blog

Wallpapers by William Morris

Wallpapers by William Morris

William Morris (1834-1896), artist, philosopher and political theorist, was one of the most outstanding and influential designers of the Arts and Crafts Movement and through his company, Morris & Co., he produced some of the most fashionable and exciting textiles and wallpapers of his era. His legacy continues today with Morris & Co. producing authentic versions of his original designs alongside new interpretations to create up to date fabrics and wallpapers with timeless appeal. (via
Pictures gathered by Rex Dieter.

Fall 2014 Menswear Shows: Sweaters and Scarves

Fall 2014 Menswear shows: New-York, London, Paris, Miiano. After watching all the shows for Fall 2014 for men on, we noticed that there is actually only 1 item not to be missed: The Sweater. Almost every designer showed this key item and used it as a statement piece; The Sweater tells the story behind the collection, with a print or with fabric. (Bonus: the customer can show if he is: funny, religious, a Trekkie an animal lover or a traditionalist.) We, at Mimi Berlin do love a sweater and a print so we gathered and categorized them for you: Take your pick from: Animals/Fur/Faces/Flowers/Text/Patchwork/Fun/Romantic/The usual suspects. We hear you say: Well that’s nothing new, this “Sweater Thing” started at Givenchy, Balmain, Kenzo etc. a couple of season’s ago. No it isn’t, we reply, but if your label doesn’t carry a signature sweater by now you are really missing out on $$

Scarves: In addition of the first part of our story: We were glad to notice that there is actually another, more fashionable, key item: The Scarf. The sweater was, almost, absent at the Burberry Prorsum show, instead the models wore fishnet vests. AND tada: A Scarf, a large piece of cloth with every single look! The Sweater was also absent at the Prada show, but not so much The Scarf. Prada’s scarves ranged from what looked like, at first site, ill fitting ties to the larger snugglier fur kind. At Missoni the models wore knitted scarves the size of blankets; homely comfort taken to the street, what a nice concept. Walter van Beirendonk already designed blanket-like coats. The Floor-Lenght-Scarf was the third kind to be found at several designers.

Digging a little deeper we saw that Tommy Ton’s “street wear” pictures are full of people wearing The Scarf as well. Dear confectioneurs; get your print and dessin designers on the phone and start producing The Scarf. (all images are taken from


On the wall.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, resort 2013 (

Chevron Moulding. Illustration from The Comprehensive History of England. Gresham Publishing, 1902.(via)

Case-Mate iPhone 5 Barely There Universal Case van Zazzle (via)
On the left is a normal chevron on the right is a chevron abased. (via)

Enamel Stack Bangles (via)

Classic Chanel (via)