Carpet interiors by Farid Rasulov

Carpet interiors by Farid Rasulov

The Carpet interiors by Farid Rasulov are installations and digital prints of entirely upholstered rooms in which he stages animals in white. We, at Mimi Berlin, think they are wonderful. We would transform our house into Rasulov’s Carpet Interiors but we dont own a vacuum cleaner: so that’s a no go, period. Farid “Rasulov is active across a wide range of artistic media – large scale paintings, installations, 3D graphics, animation and sculpture.” (read more

(imagecredits: Farid Rasulov)

Dogs in the Livingroom is an installation from the solo show at the Raboan Moussoin Gallery, Paris in 2014.

Off II by Johan Rosemunthe

offiismall(image courtesy of Johan Rosemunthe) “Off II, 2010. {by Johan Rosemunthe} Through digital communication like Facebook, Twitter, online dating and personal websites, the representation of our personality becomes more and more streamlined. We have the possibility to project an idea of how we are as a person into the world around us, but with the constant option of censoring information and invent fictional characteristics. Never have we had access to so much information about each other, and never has the information been so unreliable. Continue reading

Anatomy: Insides outside

 works of art showing the insides of females
Anatomy: Insides outside

Head model, 2 part. This life-size 2-part head features a skull opening to view the underlying cerebrum. Removable eyeball and optic nerve. (via)
Anatomy: Insides outside

From the Modische Atlas der Anatomie series by Koen Hauser. (via)

Anatomy: Insides outside
Venus, illustration by Fernando Vincente (via)

Hymn by Damien Hirst. (via)

Virgin Mother by Damien Hirst. (via)

Bye Bye!


Dutch Fashion History


dutch fashion history by mimi berlin
“Dutch Fashion History” Digital Illustration by ©Mimi Berlin

m*re p*rn

Digital collages by Luis Dourado

Digital collages from the series “into space” 2010 by Luis Dourado