Alma Haser’s Dog Photobooth

Alma Haser’s Dog Photobooth

A travelling pop-up studio, set up by award-winning fine art photographer Alma Haser, to capture a distinct portrait of each delightful dog.

The Dog Photobooth was first established when Alma Haser, a renowned portrait photographer and artist was invited to set up a pop-up booth at a dog event on the East Sussex coast. It proved an instant success and Alma continues to present her photo booth at events up and down the country, as well as accepting invitations to set up her mobile studio in client’s homes for one-to-one pet portraits sessions.

If you would like a portrait of your dog please visit  the dog photobooth site to make an appaointment or to check Alma Haser’s agenda!

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Pet Clippers

Pet Clippers

Trim your pets! Pets need to be groomed just like us people. You can try this in the comfort of your own home with the pet clippers above.

Adventure #25 : Tosti at the Storage Unit

Adventure #25 : Tosti at the Storage Unit. Not only is our little hero a homeowner, he also has got a shop to run. Coat of many colours is the name of the web shop he has to fill up every day of the week. The other day he made the trip to the storage unit for yet another batch of lovely home accesories.

Adventure #24: Homeowner Tosti

Adventure #24: Homeowner Tosti. Our little chihuahua has many dreams, one of them was to own a house with a roof, the kind you draw when in first grade (with the pointy roof). Tosti felt is was time to fulfill his dream and went to work. He made the perfect maquette and sent it to the building company across the street. After two months the house was finished, but when Tosti saw his finished house his eyes became wet with tears.  This house was a farce, an ugly builidng with painted on dreck! It looked nothing like the house with a roof he designed! Since it was finished already there was nothing our little hero could do but rent it out to a befriended homeless, gnome. That’s the story of how Tosti became a homeowner.

What can we learn from this adventure? Always check up on others if you asked them to make something for you!

You can visit Tosti on Facebook and on Instagram

Art mit Udo #6

Art with Udo, masterclasses; Lump (1956 – 29 March 1973). Udo Vektor is showing us art in a different way. By combining images he makes us look and think in a different way than we’re used to.

images via bradh

Vielen Dank Dear Udo Vektor
Art with Udo #7