Dolce and Dior Summer 2019 Menswear

Dolce and Dior

First, and as always: Italians do it Better!

Summer 2019 Dior and Dolce Menswear(via/see more images here:

Hunk models showing (mini) trunks and other accesories, including their bodies at Dolce and Gabanna‘s the Naked Show in Milan. You can read about that show by clicking the link to the above.

Lace for Men/Hot T-shirts made in Dior-logo-lace

At the Dior show, the history of the French fashion House was dug up from the archives: the monogrammed lace or sheer mesh design,  populair in the 1980s and originally used for women’s ‘intimates’ (underwear) was re-used for t-shirts.

(imagecredits: / dior official insta/


In the 1980s the Dior monogrammed sheer mesh was considered a bit tacky. Next to stockings and perfume it was the cheapest Dior-item available. It still is tacky now, maybe even more so because we think it’s executed in flock-printed mesh; but in a good way! In our opinion these t-shirts look só hot on men! #thatshot #auchhaben

Christian Dior Monogram Sheer Mesh

The images of the vintage Christian Dior Monogram Sheer Mesh undergraments are available from 1dbts at ridiculous prices, but if you really need to have one click the links above and buy one.

Mimi Berlin’s Runway Report Summer 2019

What we noticed at the Menswear Fashion Shows in Milan, Paris and everywhere else on the interweb.


Fashion Fairy Tale: Hair

Fashion Fairy Tale: Hair How wonderful are these hairdo’s for Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2014 show!? Each “do” is a story in itself! Lovely…Make sure to click the pictures to view them enlarged. (images via dollyphyton)

fashion Fall 2014: White Swan

Fairy Tales on the runway for f/w 2014: Dolce and Gabanna and the white Swan

Earlier we noticed that birds, all kinds, is the animal du jour on the runway for the Fall 2014 season. Well we do love swans so above another example of what a fashion designer can do with that bird…..

See more birds on this blog (for fall/winter 2014 at the ready to wear shows for women)

Fashionfix S 2012 Menswear: Trunks

Fashionfix S 2012 Menswear: Trunks

Hunks ‘n Trunks
Fashionfix S 2012 Menswear: Trunks

Mugler, are these two trunks or just one genius design?
hunks trunks s2012

Spraytanned HardBody at DSquared2

hunks Versace Menswear s2012
Like Versace at Versace, Loving the socks! Loving the complete outfit actually!
Dolce and Gabanna
trunks ss12_dolcegabanna_men
Silk scarfs galore at DandG

John Galliano (by Bill Gaytten)

Trunks AlexisMabille_ss12_men
Not exactly buff, but hey, he’s got cute shyness, Alexis Mabille


Well that’s a good start for my men’s spring 2012 runway reports, N’est pas?! 
*All runway photo’s from All backstage photo’s by Sonny VandeVelde via ASVOF*