Dots in Graphic Design by Geoff McFetridge

Dots in Graphic Design by Geoff McFetridge

Dots and other geometric shapes and optical illusion play a big role in the work of graphic designer Geoff McFetridge. We, at Mimi Berlin, love dots so we chose them. McFetridge works and lives in Los Angeles, amongst his clients are ‘big brands’ for instance Nike and Target, Next to advertising jobs he also worked with film director Spike Jonze and Colette (amongst a big list of others). Be sure to check his tumblr to see more of this, seemingly simple, work, it’s worth your while. xoxo Mimi


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Dots at the Kazerne during the Dutch Design Week 2017

Dots at the Kazerne during the Dutch Design Week 2017

Mimi Blogger Team visited the Kazerne during the Dutch Designweek #DDW17 and noticed a lot of round shapes, dots and circles. Even the shop entrance was decorated with big, neon dots; that’s the work of Vollaerszwart, citydressers, they re-produced ‘Let’s Stick Together’ which they made in 2006 for ‘The World of Witte de With’ festival in Rotterdam.

We also encountered some other shapes and forms at the Kazerne premises ofcourse, but that’s really beside the point of this post. (pun intended, duh!) We will tell you in a nutshell what’s to be seen at the Kazerne. The main event: the impressive installation of the 101 chair by Maarten Baas x Lensvelt, including the introduction of the stackable version of the same chair: it has different legs and looks good! We posted earlier about ‘The Anti-Efficients’ exhibition at the Kazerne: read that post HERE. We’d also like to mention that new work by artist Peter Zwaan is on show. For the complete list of exhibitions and presentations please click the address-link below.
Kazerne Paradijslaan 2-8 Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven is held from October 21/29 2017.
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Yellow Dots in Naoshima

Yellow Dots in Naoshima

On the road with PS! Our dear friend PS has been visiting Naoshima island in Japan, that’s were Yayoi Kusama‘s Yellow Pumpkin can be found. Above the image-story the ‘yellow dots’ road-trip. Thanks PS!


Eichenlaub fur A. von Appdikted


Marnie Scarlet (via suay69 photo made B&W by Mimi Berlin)
Harper’s Bazaar 1964 Delman Shoes (via felixinclusis)

Ping Pong


Marty Reisman ping pong hustler (via)

Paul Newman_Robert Redford_pingpong
Robert Redford and Paul Newman (getty images-Lawrence Schiller)

The ping pong set. Nautical themed stripes (via)