Tea Time

Not so friendly server ware

Server ware with ants by Evelyn Bracklow / Hand Painted Tea Set; Treacherous Tea Party by BurkeHareCo on etsy

Joan Crawford and The Soft Drink

In 1956 Joan Crawford wed chairman of Pepsi-Cola Alfred Steele (at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas) After his death in 1959, Crawford joined Pepsi’s board of directors and went on to work as a spokesperson on behalf of the company.

Crawford received the sixth annual “Pally Award”, which was in the shape of a bronze Pepsi bottle. It was awarded to the employee making the most significant contribution to company sales. In 1973, Crawford was forcibly retired from the company.tumblr_mqjo2d1DE31r1xgcfo1_1280Joan Crawford, Frankfurt June 1963. (Photo credits: Tony Evanoski / ©S&S via joancrawfordbest)

Cotton Candy

Photo by Nina Leen (via LIFE) -original is a B&W photo made pink by Mimi Berlin.

“Bare Essentials” Zink magazine, october 2009, photographed by Billy Kidd (via deseased)


The Magic Perrier Recipe
– Enough cotton candy to fill the glass. Strawberry is the best flavor for this cocktail, but it can also be enjoyed with other flavors as well & – 33 cl of PERRIER (via perrier mixology)
OR: Recipe for Hans Peter’s cotton candy fizz cocktail
Fill glass with pink cotton candy and slowly pour champagne over it.  (via trueobsession)

Bon Appetit! x Hans Peter