Big Art Hembrug 2020

Big Art Fair

Mimi Blogger Team visited the Dutch annual art fair Big Art. This year, just as the last time, it was held at The Hemburg grounds (in an old munitions factory) in 4 large exhibition halls. Hembrug is situated on the border between Zaandam and Amsterdam.

yani no sound

A small impression of the exhibition

Mimi Blogger Team took some pictures for you, who couldn’t be there, because sharing is caring and y’all know we love to share!
We also shot a short video of Peter Vink explaining his light installation.

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Artists are Curators at GemeenteMuseum and Hoogtij Art Night The Hague

the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague.


Hoogtij (which means High tide in Dutch) is an evening in city of The Hague dedicated to culture in general and art in particular. About 25 galeries, studio’s, musea are open from 7 to 11 PM on ‘Hoogtij’ evenings. Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited the 57th edition on the 25th of May 2019.

The next editions of Hoogtij are planned already: on the 27th of September and on the 29th of November in 2019. (

The Hague Heritage

We went to the vernissage of the exhibition ‘The Hague Heritage‘ at the Heden gallery. This show is a hommage to artists who have a link to The Hague. Heden invited 30 artists who are either born, live, work or study(ied) in this city by the sea. These artists each chose their favorite work. The Hague Heritage is running to 07 juli 2019

(Above from left to right: Daan den Houter, Theo Jansen and ? posing for Mimi Berlin’s camera. Thank you for that gentlemen, we noticed it was a bit awkward for you.)
Please click here to see more artist-portraits we made througout the years.

X Bank Amsterdam is Open

X Bank Amsterdam is Open

Yesterday (24/2/2016) we attended the, long awaited, opening of the X Bank Store and Gallery in Amsterdam. The X Bank is the store ( or “‘creative incubator’ concept space”) of the fairly new W Amsterdam hotel; The X Bank is situated across the street from the hotel next to the hotel-restaurant The Duchess. The concept store has two entrances; one in the Spuistraat 174, via the gallery and one via The Duchess. This conglomerate of Stag Europe can be found just behind the Dam square, we don’t need to tell you that’s a top AA+ location for any company……. The X Bank got it’s name from the former owner (1915-2013): the Kas Bank, a Dutch bank mainly dealing with pension funds, they moved their offices a couple of streets further. The W Amsterdam also added 66 rooms, a spa, a nightclub and a pool to the building. Anyways…..the building is precious; it’s a national monument designed, in 1908, by F.W.M. Poggenbeek. It’s re-designed by Office Winhov, restored by Hoek architectuur & restauratie, the interior is designed by BK architecture.

Okay back to the X Bank; this large store is filled to the rim (literally; don’t forget to check out the ceiling as well) with Dutch fashion, design and art. That’s the fun part of the concept; all products are made by Dutchmen/women; on stock are 180 brands,  established ones like Philips, Moooi, SuperTrash and Viktor & Rolf next to lesser known, smaller brands like By Brown (rain dresses), Eijk-Amsterdam (shoes) and Mimi Berlin (yes, us!). Products range from fashion to bicycles to alcohol, teapots, underwear, cupboards, face massagers, books, art, vases, cushions and much much more (but no liquorice..or maybe we just didn’t see that?) Since the shop carries 180 brands you can probably wander around at the X Bank for hours. Come to think of it; you can spend a complete day, if you break for lunch at The Duchess. Open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Spuistraat 174, Amsterdam.

We took more pictures, we posted them facebook.