MBFWA Sistaaz of the Castle by Jan Hoek and Duran Lantink

MBFWA Sistaaz of the Castle by Jan Hoek and Duran Lantink

Sistaaz of the Castle, is a project by photographer Jan Hoek and fashion designer Duran Lantink, in which they explore the colourful looks of transgender sex workers that roam the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. Most of the girls are homeless, living under a bridge beside the Castle of Good Hope. The local sex workers’ organisation, S.W.E.A.T., gave Hoek and Lantink the opportunity to meet and collaborate with their transgender support group Sistaazhood. Hoek and Lantink zoom in on six girls from the community: Coco (25), Cleopatra (23) Sulaiga (30), Gabby (29) Flavinia (33) and Joan Collins (57). Duran Lantink gave shape to the girl’s ultimate fantasies; one of the girls imagined herself working in a luxurious Victorian brothel, an other girl wants to become Miss Africa; those kinds of dreams. Jan Hoek photographed the girls in this full-force-fantasyland in Cape Town.

What Hoek and Lantink found in South Africa they brought back to The Netherlands; that’s what we got to see at the fashion show; Lantink gathered all the fantasies, including his own, and created the dream-couture-capsule collection. Amongst this collection the dream-outfits made in Cape Town were also on show; presented on a tableaux vivant-like mini stage on wheels, which was pushed over the catwalk by even more models (in all shapes and sizes known to human kind) who were wearing Bonne Suits in combination with shirts with photo prints by Jan Hoek. On the backdrop screen we could see Jan Hoek’s photo’s accompanied by quotes of the South African girls of the Sistaazhood.

The work of Hoek and Lantink matches (or complete) each other very well, and so do the South African girls and their the environment, a perfect match! Mimi Blogger Team was impressed and had to take a quiet moment by themselves after the show. Well done!

This project can be seen during MBFWA into two parts;
-MBFWA; The Sistaaz of the Castle dream-couture capsule collection, which was on show at the Gashouder (January 16, 2015 in Amsterdam).
-MBFWA OFF SCHEDULE; The Sistaaz of the Castle photography exhibition at Foam Amsterdam (opens on January 13 at 17:30 and is on view until 20 January 2016.)

Sistaaz of the Castle is made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Art of Impact, MiaP Foundation, Fonds Kwadraat, Fotolab Kiekie, SWEAT, Vice Media and various donors.” (read more www.foam.org)

MBFWA Opening Night

MBFWA Opening Night

Amsterdam Fashion week opened with the “Dutch Visionairies” show; Designs by Dutch fashion/retail brands of the past and the present on parade; Mac & Maggie, Puck & Hans, Monique van Heist, Mattijs, Aziz Bekkaoui, Ell=Bell, Spijkers en Spijkers, Humanoid, Laundry Industry, Avelon, Bas Kosters, Gletcher, Marcha Huskes, Oscar & Suleyman en Tony Cohen, all re-styled by Ruud van der Peijl, made do for a, definitely Dutch, festive show at “De Gashouder”! We filmed the finale for yous all……

We also visited the exhibition “Dutch Heritage” at the Transformatorhuis (the smaller show-venue at the Westergasfabriek) Work by Iris van Herpen, Fong Leng, Lola Pagola, Jan Jansen, Max Heymans, Mart Visser, Le Cri Neerlandais, Individuals and Collectie Arnhem were on exhibit.

Unfortunately we missed out on the last show, the one we were most gespännt to see…..We heard good reviews on this “Couture & Crafts” show; try and find those elsewhere on the net. xoxo Mimi

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Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #5

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #5;
Season’s Greetings, December 2015

mimi_berlins_fashionfest_5Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #5; Season’s Greetings, December 2015. Happy & warm thoughts VUFU&FE (von uns für uns & für euch.) from the Mimi Berlin Family. We’d like to wish you a peaceful christmas-time and, above all, a happy & healthy 2016!

From left to right: The Mimi Berlin family in December 2015. Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #5; Season’s Greetings is a self-portrait/photo-montage made by Mimi Berlin©2015

Click here for more info and the story behind Fashion Fest #5

Happy Season’s Greetings from the J. Huijbrechtse family, the Kaldenbach family, the Jansen family, the Daan family, the Rottink family, the Kamphuis family, the Stuiver family, the Wiegerinck family, the Van Rossum family, the Eikelenboom family, the Thijssen family, the Schouten family and the Maat family (A big huge thanks to you all for your generousity, creativity, kindness and time. Decorations by atelier25.org)

For more information and previous Fashion Fests please visit Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest Site

Fashion and Photography Horst P. Horst / Mattijs van Bergen

Fashion and Photography Horst P. Horst / Mattijs van Bergen

The exhibitions Horst P. Horst and Mattijs van Bergen’s “Photo to Fashion”, at the Netherlands Photo Museum, are the last exhibitions of the interdisciplinary Black/White program, which lasted 3 years and was about cross-overs between photography and other cultural disciplines.

Horst P. Horst, Photographer of Style, is a retrospective exhibition. produced by the V&A, curated by Susanna Brown. On show are all Horst’s iconic fashion photos, including vintage prints that were never on display. Also on show; Haute-Couture dresses, vintage vogue magazines, sketches and personal notes from Horst. (Sept 26, 2015/10 Jan10, 2016)

The Netherlands Photo Museum and Dutch fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen collaborated on the exhibition “Photo to Fashion“. Van Bergen designed a small collection, he was inspired by 20th century black and white photography from, for example, Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990). Mattijs van Bergen and the Netherlands Photo Museum then invited 3 Dutch fashion photographers, all female and from 3 different generations; Sacha van Dorssen, Wendelien Daan and Petrovsky & Ramone to interpret this capsule collection, next to B&W they all added color to their work, unlike Mattijs van Bergen; the copper accessories were the only touch of color to be seen: Chique!

Wendelien Daan is also the photographer of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fests, she is family. We think she outdid herself with the “Nymphs” series she made for the “Photo to Fashion” exhibition. The museum liked it as well; Her work “Jamilla” has been blown up larger than life, printed on plastic and can be seen outside as wall, next to 2 images by Horst…..BAM

See some Party-Snaps, made at the opening of these exhibitions HERE

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