SoGoodToWear Cashmere

SoGoodToWear Cashmere

SoGoodToWear (SGTW) is a new Dutch cashmere brand. Not your average brand, no! SGTW is a sustainable fashion label which owns a goat herd in the higher regions of Nepal The goats provide for the high quality cashmere used by SGTW. The knitted collections are designed in the Netherlands by Mark van Vorstenbos, and are made by cashmere knitters in a fair-trade knitting factory in Nepal. Maybe needless to mention (but we will anyway) SoGoodToWear is a fair-trade brand which uses innovative and ethical ways to breed and herd their goats without causing any environmental damage.

The imported goats get their own scarf, with a portrait illustrated by Machteld Schouten. Above the first one; it’s ‘Cappucino’ the goat. The second goat, ‘Mr Gaga’, also has been portrayed but that’s still a secret…… We, at Mimi Berlin, took care of the styling for the webshop, photography was done by JW Kaldenbach. Ofcourse it’s ‘styling light‘ but we just want to show all the work we do at MB-Modebüro.
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M.E.N. presents: ES TUT MIR LEID – Ich habe mich verwählt

M.E.N. presents: ES TUT MIR LEID – Ich habe mich verwählt

M.E.N. are Maartje Janse, Elysanne Schuurman and Nikki Duijst; three female fashion designers. With their shared artistic visions and values they decided to work in a collective: Studio M.E.N. They presented their debut fashion collection in juli 2017 during Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. Their show was made possible by the Amsterdams Fundfor the Arts and Stichting Stokroos.


(image credits CATWALK AMSTERDAM Team Peter Stigter.)

For their first collection M.E.N. placed traditional roles of men and women out of it’s original context which resuted in; well feminine-evening-sports-wear-gowns The clothes are made with van stock materials and in cooperation with Reblend, Meester Opleiding Coupeur, SLA, Textilelab Amsterdam, Makerversity en de ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders, the latter being a Dutch Rugbyteam.

Facebook: @MENofficialfashion/Instagram: @m_e_n_studio

See more Amsterdam Fashionweek /July 2017 HERE on Mimi Berlin’s blog



X Bank Amsterdam is Open

X Bank Amsterdam is Open

Yesterday (24/2/2016) we attended the, long awaited, opening of the X Bank Store and Gallery in Amsterdam. The X Bank is the store ( or “‘creative incubator’ concept space”) of the fairly new W Amsterdam hotel; The X Bank is situated across the street from the hotel next to the hotel-restaurant The Duchess. The concept store has two entrances; one in the Spuistraat 174, via the gallery and one via The Duchess. This conglomerate of Stag Europe can be found just behind the Dam square, we don’t need to tell you that’s a top AA+ location for any company……. The X Bank got it’s name from the former owner (1915-2013): the Kas Bank, a Dutch bank mainly dealing with pension funds, they moved their offices a couple of streets further. The W Amsterdam also added 66 rooms, a spa, a nightclub and a pool to the building. Anyways…..the building is precious; it’s a national monument designed, in 1908, by F.W.M. Poggenbeek. It’s re-designed by Office Winhov, restored by Hoek architectuur & restauratie, the interior is designed by BK architecture.

Okay back to the X Bank; this large store is filled to the rim (literally; don’t forget to check out the ceiling as well) with Dutch fashion, design and art. That’s the fun part of the concept; all products are made by Dutchmen/women; on stock are 180 brands,  established ones like Philips, Moooi, SuperTrash and Viktor & Rolf next to lesser known, smaller brands like By Brown (rain dresses), Eijk-Amsterdam (shoes) and Mimi Berlin (yes, us!). Products range from fashion to bicycles to alcohol, teapots, underwear, cupboards, face massagers, books, art, vases, cushions and much much more (but no liquorice..or maybe we just didn’t see that?) Since the shop carries 180 brands you can probably wander around at the X Bank for hours. Come to think of it; you can spend a complete day, if you break for lunch at The Duchess. Open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Spuistraat 174, Amsterdam.

We took more pictures, we posted them facebook.

Day 3 MBFWA Debutantes at Fashion Lab

Day 3  MBFWA Debutantes at Fashion Lab

Again, on the third day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went to see what the Dutch designer’s (and one designer from the Phillipines) want us, the public at MBFWA, to wear in the next Fashion-Winter-Season (that’s the Winter of 2016/2017). Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited “Fashion-Lab” presentations by Anbasja Blanken, Happy Andrada and Esther Haamke.

Young, Amsterdam based, designer Anbasja Blanken presented her first collection, made under her own name, called “Day Dreamed”. Romantic-glittery-ruffled women’s evening wear based on “The cloud”, a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley. (view previous work of Blanken here on this blog)
Phillipine based designer Happy Andrada and Amsterdam based Esther Haamke presented together during one show. International award winning Happy Andrada is also a bridal wear designer but she showed a sturdy evening wear collection for women. Esther Haamke showed the second collection she ever made; The “Fortune Collection”; colorful streetwear for men and women.

More on MBFWA Jan/2016 HERE on this blog


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Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #5

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #5;
Season’s Greetings, December 2015

mimi_berlins_fashionfest_5Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #5; Season’s Greetings, December 2015. Happy & warm thoughts VUFU&FE (von uns für uns & für euch.) from the Mimi Berlin Family. We’d like to wish you a peaceful christmas-time and, above all, a happy & healthy 2016!

From left to right: The Mimi Berlin family in December 2015. Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #5; Season’s Greetings is a self-portrait/photo-montage made by Mimi Berlin©2015

Click here for more info and the story behind Fashion Fest #5

Happy Season’s Greetings from the J. Huijbrechtse family, the Kaldenbach family, the Jansen family, the Daan family, the Rottink family, the Kamphuis family, the Stuiver family, the Wiegerinck family, the Van Rossum family, the Eikelenboom family, the Thijssen family, the Schouten family and the Maat family (A big huge thanks to you all for your generousity, creativity, kindness and time. Decorations by

For more information and previous Fashion Fests please visit Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest Site

Ode to Dutch Fashion

Ode to Dutch Fashion

Good Morning! Today we have a tip on how to spend your Sunday; Go visit The Gemeentemuseum in The Hague for the fashion exhibition “Ode to Dutch Fashion”. It will brighten up the day….

Yesterday we went to the opening of the fashion exhibition “Ode to Dutch Fashion”. (see some party snaps here) The museum highlights well known names like Viktor & Rolf and the fact that the dress worn by Queen Maxima at King Willem-Alexander’s coronation, designed by Jan Taminiau, is on show. These are great designers but they aren’t the most spectaculair at this exhibition; it’s the exhibition itself that’s so great! Wandering trough the rooms filled with all these designs, (new and older ones side by side) paintings and the custom-made photo series, is really the best experience. Well, it made US happy, hope you like it too! xoxo Mimi

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