The Bags, Shoes and Fruit of evachen212

The Bags, Shoes and Fruit of evachen212

evachen212 on Instagram is: “Eva Chen Lucky editor-in-chief, shopping-obsessed New Yorker” as it states on her Instagram profile and an “editor in chief/compulsive shopper/new yorker/nerd.” as it says on her twitter account. (@evachen212) Well this editor in chief/public figure works at Condé Nast’s Lucky, which is a fashion magazine. We at Mimi Berlin follow evanchen212 on Instagram and found out she has been taken pictures of her feet while she is in a taxi (well, always a different car anyways but since she lives in New York that must be cab’s) almost every day for a long time. Except for her feet, covered in designer shoes, she also makes sure her bag and a matching piece of fruit is in sight. She is including tags of the brands she is wearing that day.  We do like that concept but we were truly mesmerized by the amount of likes she gets; every time approximately 3000 a pic!! That’s what really got us curious about Eva Chen. We found a video on “a day in the life of Eva Chen” in which she tells us how social media is important in her life. Interesting fact is that the life of an editor must be one in the limelight nowadays. That used to be very different before, say like 10 years ago, when making a magazine was a fairly anonymous job. Not anymore; Eva Chen (and many more of her peers) is one of the Social Media Moghul’s, she probably has to be to keep her job. Watch that video HERE

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Office visit in Amsterdam

The other day we visited the headquarters of EH&I magazine. The editor in chief has a colorful and inspirational office. The office matches the aesthetics of the interior design magazine perfectly.
office visit in amsterdamoffice visit in amsterdamoffice visit in amsterdam

All photo’s by Mimi Berlin.
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