Mrs Jack x Agent Mimi x Mimi Berlin

Mrs Jack x Mimi Berlin x Agent Mimi

Many moons ago we created a collection of eggcups: ‘Eierbecher/Eggcups Prototypes’
This project was the start of what would evolve into us, at Mimi Berlin, seriously creating all kinds of unique objects and stattuettes with stories attached to them. (see those at Anyways, back to the topic of this blogpost.Mrs Jack, a small company which offers sustainable, ready-set trays and tablescapes, has used one of these ‘Eierbecher/Egggcups Prototypes’ for a  breakfast in bed tray-scape. Its the ‘Qualy’ eggcup from the ‘White’ series, set next to a marvelous coffeepot designed by Lutz Rabold, what an honour!

Mrs Jack x Agent Mimi x Mimi Berlin

‘Morning Glory with Mrs Jack/ Give’

The photograph was taken by JW Kaldenbach, postproduction and graphics by Appdikted: both reachable via Agent Mimi. Styling and concept by Mrs Jack with many thanks to designer Annewil Ravensbergen

The graphic-house-style and brand design for Mrs Jack was taken care of by Appdikted as well. We suggest you check out her webshop; she takes her fun serious! Continue reading

Mrs Jack Originals: Melamine Plates

Mrs Jack Originals: Melamine Plates

Breaking News!!!!
Mimi Berlin and Mrs Jack have agreed upon brand licensing! Two ‘Mimi Berlin’ designs are being used to decorate stunning melamine plates for the Mrs Jack Originals & Unbreakables line of serveware!

We can’t get over the fact how cool this collaboration has worked out!!!

Mrs Jack is a Home Decor company, specializing in styling of ready-set (breakfast) trays and tablescapes. (plates are also available without the breakfast tray at Mrs Jack for €25,- each.)

(Remember; Brand Design for Mrs Jack was taken care of by Mimi Berlin’s Appdikted.)

Eggcups in categories

Eggcups in categories, why not? It is possible, and below we find only the tip of the iceberg….

Posh egg cups

Crystal Visions “The crystal makes egg the highlight of breakfast”by Mate Attila, Edei Gabor and Kiss Adam (via)
Lladró; naturofantastic-egg cup sculpted by Virginia González

Vintage egg cups(via)

Arched Cat Egg Cup – (pre-war german)

1930s Egg Cup modelled as a Child’s Head and Face
From the “retro” series, Sad 1980, mixed media
From the “surrealist” series, Amalia, mixed media
From the “stories” series, Snowwhite, mixed media

We feel that the eggcup market is still one to be conquered…to be continued.

Eggcups/Eierbechern Prototypes


Eggcups/Eierbechern Prototypes. Eggcups as statuettes/mixed media/unique pieces by Mimi Berlin ©2010prototypes_eggcups
Eggcups/Eierbechern Prototypes are six series: Surrealist, POMO, White, Stories, Retro and Souvenir D’Amour.
Mimi Berlin designed three to four designs per series.
All Eggcups are signed and handmade with VintageDeLuxe materials such as porcelain, glass, and ceramics. See images in largers size…

We are happy to announce that all eggcups/prototypes are sold !
xoxo Mimi Berlin

Mimi’s eierbecher/eggcups prototypes

Eierbecher/Eggcups Prototypes

6 series of 3 to 4 eggcups designed by Mimi Berlin. Unique, signed pieces.

Mimi's eierbecher/eggcups prototypes

Highlighting 4 of the ‘Eierbecher/Eggcups Prototypes’

mimi berlin eggcups‘Sad 1980’ from the ‘Retro’ series

mimi berlin eggcups‘Pomo 2’ from the ‘Pomo’ series

mimi berlin eggcups‘Pomo 3/omelet du fromage’ from the ‘Pomo’ series

mimi berlin eggcups‘Amalia’ from the ‘Surrealist’ series


(Photography JW Kaldenbach)