Folded Elephants made in the 19th Century

Folded Elephants

Illustration is signed Van Straelen. The elephant that Charles and Ray Eames initially developed out of plywood in 1945 is available in plastic from Vitra. The Folded elephant is made from a single sheet of leather and produced by Deru in Germany in the 1960s (buy).

Victorine Müller Performance Artist

Victorine Müller Performance Artist

Frau Müller, from Switzerland, performs in her own sculptures which are made of transparent PVC. Below  you can see Victorine sitting in an elephant and standing in a foot with ankle. We, at Mimi Berlin, have never see her perform but these images are breathtajking…..

Stepping inside a pvc sculpture…

We are not sure if we will ever see one of Victorine M¨¨llers performances, we could’t find much new information on her on the interweb…… (images via

Elephant Slides from the 20th Century

Elephant Slides from the 20th Century

-Vintage sculptural slide on the Spanish coast, designer unknown
-Vintage Japanese designs: a two-stage elephant slide (photo by yoakenobang)
-Elephant slide in concrete; East germany 1965 by the Kunst am Bau group

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Animals and cars

Animals and cars

Animals and cars, an awkward vintage photo collection……

“In a very moment, Audrey Hepburn gave alcohol to the little deer that later died in a moving vehicle.” (via )

animals in cars

animals in cars

photo via

animals in cars
animals in cars

(photo via
These photo’s are so very antique vintage.
Nobody in his right mind would make these pictures
nowadays ….. or ride with animals period.


Elephants in Editorials

From the book, “The Men + Women of Marc Jacobs,” a photo essay.Photo By Brian Bowen Smith (via)
Photo by Sean + Seng Styling by Tamara Rothstein for POP Magazine s/s 2011
Daryl Hannah photographed by Michel Lecomte for L’Uomo Vogue, 1996
Karl Lagerfeld’s elephant ensemble. Photo by Bruce Weber (via)


Band of outsiders lookbook spring 2011

And, no, I’m not forgetting the Mother of them all:
Dauvima in front of. Photo’s by Richard Avedon,1955