Gustav Brostrom’s Beauty Multi Masks on Instagram

Gustav Brostrom’s Beauty Multi Masks on Instagram

The instagram feed of Gustav Brostrom from Stockholm, Sweden, is filled with selfies made of his face covered in different beauty masks at the same time. Gustav mixes facial masks, patches, foams and what have you not, to create lovely images of himself. (yes we know they are called selfies)

Multimasking was the newest rage in 2015, a beauty trend we, at Mimi Berlin, completely missed out on. Basically it’s targeted skincare. By putting on multiple facial masks, or layer them simultaneously on the skin, you can treat different skin concerns at one time. Gustav Brostrom takes multimasking to the next level. Fun!

@gustavbroström. Masks en masse

Great Inventions: Rose Facial Foam from Kanebo

Great Inventions: Rose Facial Foam from Kanebo

How fun is this foamy soap!? It comes out of the spraycan in the shape of a rose!
Makes us, at Mimi Berlin, wonder what kind of shape they would come up with for men’s shaving foam!

Auch Haben! from Kanebo ビューティホイップソープ
話題のバラ泡洗顔♡  (via aussweetie0114)


face mask 1920s

Beauty facemask, 1937Electric_face_maskSlim diet beauty face mask, 2011(via)
Rubber beauty masks, worn to remove wrinkles and blemishes, 1921

Electric face mask, 1939

my beauty diary mask review mi
My Beauty Diary mask,2011, by
My imaginary friend

Mineral Nutritional care collagen beauty face mask, 2011(via)

Aluminum Facial Spa, 2011 (via)
Rubber beauty masks, 1921.(via)

Toilet mask, or face glove, 1894 (via)

1916 (via)


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