Dave Hall Automata

Dave Hall Automataautomata_dave_hallo

Visit Dave Hall on FaceBook “My automata. Made using a variety of techniques largely requiring no workshop, as i don’t have one. Its all stuff I do in my spare time.. My brain insists I make them, eve though I don’t really have time”  or go to his site

Hunderdweight of Heads, Dave Hll Automata.

(thahanks constansebo)


Friday Night, Party Night! #58

Friday Night, Party Night! #58

Gif taken from the music video for “Fantasy” by Mr Mr, 2013, from the album ‘Secondhand Rapture’ Available: http://smarturl.it/SecondhandRapture
(via http://mimi-berlin.tumblr.com/post/77583285859)

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