Illustrations by Ignasi

Illustrations by Ignasi

Ignasi is “a digital artist from Barcelona, living and working in London.” So it states on Ignasi’s website. Ignasi makes films and illustrations: best go to the website and browse for yourself; if you like this work as much as we, at Mimi Berlin, do that is.

Commisioned work; illustrations, gif’s and films by Ignasi are almost all given by fashion- houses like Dior, Gucci, Bally, Louboutin and Louis Vuitton.
instagram: @ignasimonreal
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Illustrations by Mathilde Admiral at Centraal Museum

Illustrations by D.Ot at Centraal MuseumIllustrations by Mathilde Admiral (a.k.a. Pia H.) at Centraal Museum

YES! We, at Mimi Berlin like to help out fresh talent.

Illustrator Mathilde Admiral made these wonderful illustrations, in May 2014, for fashion student Saba Tark to accompany the graduation collection “Nomads of the World”. This collection is on show as the first in a series of exhibitions in which Centraal Museum and HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht) present the work of promising talent. Each autumn the museum will showcase the work of an art or design graduate from HKU.

Saba framed the original illustrations and showcased them next to her fabrics. Go check them out!! (HKU in the New Utrecht Galleries, Sept, 13/ November 30, 2014)

See all these illustrations by Mimi Berlin’s fashion illustrator Mathilde Admiral HERE up close.

Fashion Illustration by Linda Reinders

Linda Reinders is a freelance fashion illustrator based in Paris.
With over 25 years of experience as an illustrator in the fashion industry, she worked for numerous brands and forecasting companies worldwide, visualizing their collections, accessories, trends and visions. She does this with a remarkable skill and really brings clothes and fashion to life with her pen! We are in awe of her work!

Illustrations by Mathilde Admiral @Mimi Berlin for Saba Tark

Illustrations by Mathilde Admiral @Mimi Berlin for Saba Tark

Fashion Illustrations by Mimi Berlin’s fashion illustrator Mathilde Admiral for Saba Tark’s graduation collection “Nomads of the World”. Yes! we like to help out fresh talent…

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