Barbie in Vogue Paris

Barbie in Vogue Paris

What a stunning editorial in the Vogue Paris December 2014 issue! Models Elizabeth Erm and Magdalena Frackowiak are displayed as Barbies in a box, photography by Giampaolo Sgura styled by Claire Dhelens & Celia Azoulay. (via wilhelminanews)

Fashion Photographed by Katerina Jebb

Fashion Photographed by Katerina Jebb

(All images courtesy of the artist found at her tumblr account )

About Katerina Jebb was born in England in 1962. After studying drama at St Anne’s College, she moved to California to study photography. Her first works were photomontages which she created inside the camera, originating from repeated exposure of a single roll of film. Continue reading

Illuminosa, Ojo De Cerradura

illuminosa, ojo de cerradura First look on ”illuminosa, ojo de cerradura” an editorial shot by Sabrina Bongiovanni, Collection by Jef Montes, Styling by Marleen de Jong, published in Glamcult # 104 Let there be light! (see full article HERE)
Jef Montes worked for his collection “illuminosa” with (chemical) colored and embellished Ivory Fiberglass. His work can been seen at the Salon/BigBang exhibition at De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam till August 28, 2014


Fein China

Fein China, Real life porcelain statuettes!! A fashion editorial photographed by Phil Poynter for Garage Magazine no 6 (spring/summer 2014)

creative director: rachel feinstein/photographer: phil poynter (serlinassociates)/stylist: katie grand (clm)/hair: tamara mcnaughton (home)/make-up: ozzy salvatierra (streeters)/manicure: honey (exposure) models: julia nobis (dna), esmeralda seay reynolds (next), nastya sten (society) and rachel feinstein/(images via hayinstyle and visualoptimism)

The Little Black Jacket

Just in time our beloved Globe Trotting Couple, Mr and Mrs J., visited The Little black jacket: Chanel’s classic revisited, a photographic exhibition, at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld. This exhibition has been traveling all over the world since April 2012. Singapore was it’s last stop. According to Mr and Mrs J. the exhibition had a snobbish feel to it but it was beautiful none the less. Continue reading

Flash Dance

Flash Dance. Here’s how to get ready for the glamorous life. Where? At the discotheque. Or when having your photo taken by Steven Klein for Vogue Magazine, like Nikki Minaj. But probably you’ll color up just to spend another day at the office. Why? Because you can!!!

Image credits: Christian Ferretti / / Mierswa Kluska