Cobra Art Camping in Amstelveen

Art Camping Cobra

The Cobra Museum of modern art in Amstelveen is organizing ‘Camping Cobra‘ on the 25th of May 2019. What is this, you ask of us. Well, it’s exactly what you think it is. A sleepover at the Museum. Hunderd people can bring their sleepingbags and matresses to spend the night. Bringing your own matresses isn’t very chique, we know, but this is a slumberparty for children of course. We all now a child doesn’t need comfort whilst sleeping (tsssss). Adults are also welcome but they have to be accompanied by a kid.

Camping Cobra  (CoBrA Museum)

24H Amstelveen Festival

The Camping event is organized within the 24H Amstelveen festival. 24H Amstelveen is about the experience of more than 40 activities in Amstelveen in just 24 hours. We suppose that’s for people with very little time to spend, like tourists for example, but also for children obviously.

Anyways, everything ‘tongue in cheek’ aside; if you would like to sleep under famous paintings made by Karel Appel and friends make a reservation here. It costs €10,-.

We do hope that everybody reading this post knows what the Cobra Museum is. If not let us tell you. Cobra stands for Copenhagen (Co), Brussels (Br), Amsterdam (A), it is an expressionist art movement from the 20th century (1948-1951). the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen houses only work made by the artists whitin this group.

Festival Designkwartier The Hague: at WOTH Wonderful Things

Festival Designkwartier The Hague: at WOTH Wonderful Things

One of our favorite design magazines: WOTH Wonderful Things has it’s fifth issue in stores now! The Magazine was launched during the opening of the WOTH Wonderful Store which was open during the Festival Designkwartier (tr; Design Quarters) in The Hague for three days only! Unbelievable; the effort WOTH has taken to tranform it’s headquarters for such a short period of time….

At the opening and Launch of WOTH Wonderful Things Store and Magazine (photocredits; JW Kaldenbach)

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Religious Tongue Piercings

Religious Tongue Piercings

Left: A Hindu devotee adjusts her skewer as she prepares for the Thaipusam procession at the Sri Srivinasa Perumal Temple in Singapore January 22, 2008. Thaipusam, a Hindu festival observed on the full moon day of the Tamil month of Thai, is celebrated in honour of Lord Muruga. Reuters/Matthew Lee
Middle: taken in Singapore.  ottsworld.


Oktoberfest Cathedrals by Michael von Hassel

Oktoberfest Cathedrals by Michael von Hassel

Oktoberfest (or Wiesn) is an annual German, Bavarian to be exact, traditional festival where people meet and drink lots, lots of beer, eat meat and sauerkraut.
They party in huge beer-tents set up throughout the city of Munich..

Michael von Hassel photographed these tents at 4:00 AM when they were empty,
and came up with great images. On exhibit at the Rathausgalerie Kunsthalle in München untill 10/10/2015
want to visit the Oktoberfest, It ends on Sunday, October 4th, 2015 11.30 pm > check it out here (img via muenchenspiegel)

Fashions at Woodstock

Fashion at Woodstock

Woodstock was a music festival, billed as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music”. It was held at Max Yasgur’s 600-acre (240 ha; 0.94 sq mi) dairy farm in the Catskills near the hamlet of White Lake in the town of Bethel, New York, from August 15 to 18, 1969. (via Ralph Ackerman / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Rüpert von Rom: ITGWO

Rüpert von Rom: ITGWO

(photo’s taken by Rüpert von Rom)

ITGWO is a small and fabulous festival on the island of Vlieland. One the five big islands north of the country and if I may say the most beautiful of them all. The fun already begins with the journey as you need to take a boat from Harlingen to the island. Once there everyone scatters around the island to build their tents. Now, I’m not a fan of happy camping or even happy campers, so I’m pleased to say there are a lot of opportunities for you to not sleep in a tent. Hotels and hostels and tent houses are in abundance. The festival itself is divided in three areas on the island and can hold 6000 festival goers . Not a lot and that is perfect for those who do not like huge crowds. Continue reading