Read the Manual

Read the Manual

The Military Manual.

Rules, rules, rules! Read the manual for dressing and fighting; Come prepared for battle
-Cadet Field Manual (images via )
-“This Kit Layout was first published in a book called  “Survival – Technologies from the Official Training Manuals of the World’s Elite Military Corps” in 1988. “The kit shown is the basic general layout that will be insisted upon during your training as a recruit at an infantry depot. However, in war this layout would cetainly change to some extent to accommodate more ammunition. With efficient management, you should be able to live on the contents of your webbing for at least 48 hours.” (Editor Len Cacutt)” (images/ read more )

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Cricket in a Jar

Cricket in a Jar, or crickets as pets if you will. In China the people used (early antiquity) to have crickets for the sound they make. Nowadays they are kept for cricket fighting. They can be bought at the local market. The insects are held in little cups ranging from old cans to embellished “cricket pots” The buyer chooses a cricket by listening to the sound he makes and how it reacts when touched. To activate the little animal it gets pricked with a little stick so the buyer can compare the crickets. The size of the crickets on sale varies as well; tiny ones are held in small boxes containing a single corn, bigger ones in a wooden “cage case”. Chinese cricket culture and cricket-related business is highly seasonal. Trapping crickets in the fields peaks in August and extends into September. Cricket fighting season extends until the end of autumn.