The Launch 2018 Graduation Show Breda

Graduation in Breda

The AKV St Joost is an art academy in Breda The Netherlands, best known for its Film and Photography department. AKV St Joost Breda is, by the way, situated in a lovely former convent, surrounded by grass and trees.You can visit this University to see all the work made by the students for their graduation projects: “The launch 2018” is open until The 4th of July 2018.

The Launch 2018

Graduation Show AKV|St.Joost Breda: Fine arts, Photography/Film, Graphic/3d design, Illustration/Animation. The exhibition is open until July, 4, 2018 11.00-18.00  July, 3 open untill: 21.00. Continue reading

ArtEZ Fashion Design Show 2016

ArtEZ Fashion Design Show 2016

We got invited to attend the show of the ArtEZ Arnhem fashion design department, staged at the Elektrum convention center, held on the 2nd of June.
The experimental designs made by first year students for the project ‘Magnum Opuz‘ opened the show.
The second year students, who created astoningly well made and designed garments, the result of the ‘Ceci n’est pas une robe‘ project; in which each student got to give shape to his or her opinion on the given theme.
This year 24 BA students will graduate from the fashion department; they are always the most important part of these fashion shows; see some of the designs below.

In case you missed this show; Some students will compete in 3 award shows: The Frans Molenaar competition; in which Liesbeth Sterkenburg and Johannes Offerhaus will participate, and the ‘Lichting‘ show during Amsterdam Fashion Week which is a competition for Dutch fashion graduation students. Boaz van Doornik and Laudy Verschuren will be contesting at the international fashion competition ‘Mittelmoda The Fashion Award’ 2016. Max Beets and Alissa Nicolai are showing at the Apolda European Design Award 2017.

ArtEZ Fashion Show Finals 2015

ArtEZ Fashion Show Finals 2015

Yesterday we went to Arhem to see the annual fashion show with work of 21 graduating BA fashion design students. (see photo’s above)
The show started with 2 films: “A New Kind of Water” with designs from first year students, “Fashion and the sea” by the second year students, followed by Collection Arnhem 2015, designed by third year students. (see that show, previously held in Amsterdam, HERE)

If you didn’t have a chance to visit; enjoy the photo’s above (visit the site of Peter Stigter for professional catwalk photography) or go to the two award shows including students from ArtEZ fashion dept. Five students are nominated for the Frans Molenaar prize 2015: Lilian Admiraal, Josephine Goverts, Max Zara Sterck, Tung Trinh & Maartje Janse. Isabelle Tellié and Yvette Peek will be showing at Lichting 2015, supported by V&D, during Amsterdam Fashion Week. The final exams will be on exhibit at the former ABN/Amro buiding in Arnhem from July 1>5 2015.

HKU Graduation Fashion Show 2014

HKU Graduation Fashion Show 2014: Yesterday we visited Utrecht to see the fashion design graduation show, 15 students showed their final collections. Continue reading