Friday Night, Party Night! #80

Friday Night, Party Night! #80

Tonight we’ll dance till we drop! D is for Death Drop.
Some of the best Dance Death Drop gif’s gathered in one Party Night post!

? via dancingbonus
? via parttimeafrican

Dance Battle ? (via allthingsgayandgeeky)Haus of Edwards: Audience Warm-up of the season 8 Ru Paul’s Drag Race finale (via rpdr8)

Nia Frazier in Dance Moms (via lukcrazyiak) / ? via dancethroughthehorror

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How to use …….

How to use……. Vintage Vogue Italianos. Petronella uses them in a functional way, to even out her floor. That is a good tip! Thank You Petronella!

If you have a special way of (re) using your vintage magazines please let us know. We are very curious AND we like to share it with our friends.

xoxo mimi