Flower Arrangements by Azuma Makoto

Flower Arrangements by Azuma Makoto

Well ‘Flower Arrangements’ is probably a bit of an understatement. Maybe his work is better qualified as art (if we need to label, which we do) Azuma Makoto’s work ranges from sending a 50 year old bonzai tree into space to putting 10,000 mini jars filled with flower petals in the shopwindows of Colette in Paris.

For the last Dries van Noten Fashion Show he repeated his project ‘Iced Flowers’; flower arrangements captured in large blocks of ice. These ‘Iced Flowers’ were showcased along the runway and were so overpowering that we even didn’t noticed the garments….oops (That’s how we, fashionangels at Mimi Berlin, got aquinted with Azuma Makoto’s work)

The making of “ICED FLOWERS” January 10 & 11, 2015. At 483 Furuike Ogose-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama, Japan / Masuda seisakujo (via youtube.com)

(images via azumamakoto.com / designboom.comproject-bonsai/ theaviso.com/ designboombox-flowers)

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The Flower House

The Flower House


Florist Lisa Waud has bought 2 abandoned houses in Detroit (for $500,-) and created The Flower House Project. In October 2015 she (and other florists) will fill the house with up to 100,000 flowers. After seeing the photo’s above taken from the preview of this project, held in May 2015 with 400 flowers, we, at Mimi Berlin, know that is something we definitely would like to visit!

The aesthetic part for this project was inspired by the art of Christo, and the couture 2012 Christian Dior show in Paris. After the The Flower House event in October the abandoned houses will be taken down (and recycled) to make room for flowers to grow.

“The hope that this deconstruction and land repurposing will inspire others to see abandoned structures as platforms for art and business, and to use them in an environmentally responsible way,” – Lisa Waud.

(thahanks & read/see more http://www.boredpanda.com/flower-house-abandoned-detroit-lisa-waud/)

Dripping Flowers by Fabrice Fouillet

Dripping Flowers by Fabrice Fouillet

Déliquescenes, still lives by Fabrice Fouillet (images courstesy of the artist)

Flowering Transition: Monster Flower

Flowering Transition: Monster Flower 2014 by artist Marcin Rusak. Longer vase life, better smell, less light blocking bacteria carrying leaves, more saturated colour, available year round for all occasions, cheaper, controlled stem sizes for easier harvesting, shipping requirement tolerant, packing efficient floral structures. This wish list, though sometimes contradictory, is a small part of all the demands we want from flowers. The decision making process, once controlled by nature, was taken over by numerous parties from the cut flower industry chain. Growers, retailers, regulators, and clients, with the help of technology, redesigned and engineered flowers for their own needs. This speculative project, looking further into the future of genetics and imagining where this path could lead, tries to incorporate all of the requirements that we have for flowers while questioning if this is really what we want them to be. Marcin Rusak worked  with Andreas Verheijen, Flower Engineer and Ignazio Genco, 3D Sculptor for the Flowering Transition: Monster Flower project



Engineered Hybrids

Engineered Hybrids designed by flower engineer Andreas Verheijen. Engineering is an ongoing project for Verheijen it’s initially about creating flowers and not about arranging them. Apart from being proposals towards new varieties, the engineering series should primarily be seen as a laboratory towards shape, color and texture in a broader sense than normally seen in the flower industry. (via andreasverheijen)

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