Flowering Transition: Monster Flower

Flowering Transition: Monster Flower 2014 by artist Marcin Rusak. Longer vase life, better smell, less light blocking bacteria carrying leaves, more saturated colour, available year round for all occasions, cheaper, controlled stem sizes for easier harvesting, shipping requirement tolerant, packing efficient floral structures. This wish list, though sometimes contradictory, is a small part of all the demands we want from flowers. The decision making process, once controlled by nature, was taken over by numerous parties from the cut flower industry chain. Growers, retailers, regulators, and clients, with the help of technology, redesigned and engineered flowers for their own needs. This speculative project, looking further into the future of genetics and imagining where this path could lead, tries to incorporate all of the requirements that we have for flowers while questioning if this is really what we want them to be. Marcin Rusak worked  with Andreas Verheijen, Flower Engineer and Ignazio Genco, 3D Sculptor for the Flowering Transition: Monster Flower project