The House of Pierre Cardin in Théoule-sur-Mer

The House of Pierre Cardin in Théoule-sur-Mer

(Photocredits; DiorMAG)
Yes! the fashion people got invited again to watch a resort season fashion show at a breathtaking location: Palais Bulles in Théoule-sur-Mer, France.

This huge house, at the Cote D’azur, is designed by architect Antti Lovag, commissioned in 1975 by the industrialist Pierre Bernard.
The present house owner is fashion designer Pierre Cardin.
The huge Barbapapa-like Palais Bulles was used as venue for the Dior Resort 2016 fashion show (on the 11th of May 2015). We posted earlier on the house of Bob Hope in palm springs which was used for the Louis Vuitton resort 2016 fashion collection, an equally dream-like location. But maybe we like the house of Pierre Cardin more because it’s pink and friendly. Uhmppff; We will refrain from further architectural comments.

We did find info on the web, if you’re interested in the building and want to see more images surf to the following sites; Or just watch the video below.

Ausschnitt über den “Palais Bulles” des ungarischen Architekten und Habitologen Antti Lovag aus der Sendung “Häuser auf den Kopf gestellt” aus der ZDF-Dokumentationsreihe “Menschenskinder” von Wolfgang M. Ebert aus dem Jahre 1981.

Facts from Dior Resort 2016 show at Palais Bulles on

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Catalina Casino

The Catalina Casino in Avalon Bay in California is designed by Sumner A. Spaulding and Walter Weber, in an Art-Deco, Mediterranean Revival style in the 1920’s. It isn’t an actual casino, there is no gambling going on in this high building, Inside the Catalina Casino you’ll find the Avalon theater which was built to serve as a movie theater (designed specifically for films with sound) a ballroom and promenade. The 20,000 square foot ballroom can accommodate 3,000 dancers. Today, it also serves as the island’s civil defense shelter, large enough to accommodate Catalina’s entire year-round population. Within its walls is stored enough food and water for all residents for two weeks.

The Catalina is considered to be a “folly“, In architecture, a folly is a building constructed primarily for decoration, but either suggesting by its appearance some other purpose, or merely so extravagant that it transcends the normal range of garden ornaments or other class of building to which it belongs. In the original use of the word, these buildings had no other use, but from the 19th to 20th centuries the term was also applied to highly decorative buildings which had secondary practical functions such as housing, sheltering or business use. Danke Schön Rex Dieter! (image credits: via cardcow / ronorpitelli /whitney)



The Gem Kingdom of Mimi Berlin
Inspired by her all-time favorite jewelry brand of the “Gem Kingdom” Mimi Berlin designed three Dreamhomes/Traum-Haüser. One for the city, one house for the country and a boudoir. The assemblages are made with the finest molded plastics from the Mattel Company, dated; 1998 trough 2002, covered in high gloss ‘Plastic Skin” (Fleetcolour #N6/N533)

“The Sagrada Familia of the dollhouses” ~ HJ Kinkhorst, 2011.

The boudoir, (15 x 60 cm) Adjustable assemblage, mounted on a transparent perspex stand.

A house for the country. Jewelry case in the shape of a small, standalone cottage with altered interior in black.IMG_0428
Detail of the City House or main building (1 x 1.20 m) Assembly.IMG_0407
The main building in the back, the boudoir in front with the country houses scattered throughout the window. In front porcelain Maria statues from the Gem KingdomIMG_0427
Mimi Berlin created the Christmas 2011 Shop Window at the Flagship store of The Gem Kingdom in Amsterdam. Above: Seen from the back.IMG_0417

Lifesize dollhouses

Architectural installation by Nika Zupanc, 2009, (mocoloco)
Hello Kitty House in Taipei via Isa Bonita’s Live Journal
“Perforated House” by Kavellaris Urban Design 2008 (via)
“MAISON DE POUPEE” built for the project Made by Emanuelle Antille and Jean-Luc Manz in 2007.
“The first floor bedroom of this house in Java is disguised as a truck driving through the wall” designed by Gayuh Budi Utomo. (Dezeen)

Prada Real Fantasies Fall Winter 2011/12 Motionbook

Balenciaga – Video Resort 2012

Happy Houses

happy houses
The Haines shoe house. Haines Shoe House was built in 1948 by Mahlon Haines. Originally the Shoe House was used as a guesthouse. It is located on Shoe House Road between  the Lincoln Highway (state route 462) and U.S. Route 30.  (via marvelbuilding)
happy houses

The Basket Building (Ohio, United States) The Longaberger Basket Company building in Newark, Ohio might just be a strangest office building in the world. The 180,000-square-foot building, a replica of the company’s famous market basket, cost $30 million and took two years to complete. Many experts tried to persuade Dave Longaberger to alter his plans, but he wanted an exact replica of the real thing.

happy houses
Mammy’s Cupboard (Natchez, MS, United States) (houses above via)