Caketoppers Vintage Bridal


We, at Mimi Berlin, visited the local thriftstore the other day. On sale was a collection of caketoppers, vintage, bridal caketoppers. Amongst a group of about 10 plastic figurines, there were ugly but also a nice one; just as in real life. The bride by herself, she is our favorite, and probably made in the sixties. She looks like a doll from the Thunderbirds. We also fancy the happy couple, they look very satisfied and happy. The rest of the caketoppers seem rather uninspired.

Photocredits: Mimi Berlin

Chocolate Rocks by Michal Avraham

Chocolate Rocks by Michal Avraham

Photograpy : Debbie Trouerbach  / Culinary support & help : Borch Socher 

You can taste the Chocolate Rocks designed by Michal Avraham at the Frame DDW Shop at the Klokgebouw during the Dutch Design Week 2015 They are handmade, at the spot, and for sale as well.

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