Full Plastic Jacket

Full Plastic Jacketsoldier_musicbox

Image above found by Freundin T. (source unknown)

Full Plastic Jacket by Graham Hughes is a short stop-motion animation using toy plastic army men in a Lego town. A patrol are ambushed in the ongoing war between green and grey. (via Graham Hughes on YouTube)




In Mourning: Accessories

In mourning: Accessories. Ahh the lighter side of life, even when in mourning we, Homo Sapiens, always will find a reason to accessorize !
In Mourning: Accessories
Four Women Crying, c. 1878. Photo: Courtesy Stanley B. Burns, MD, Burns archive In Mourning: Accessories
Mourning handkerchief, 1880-1899, Metropolitan Museum New York (via)In Mourning: Accessories
Victorian Lachrymatory Tear Catcher Gilt Glass Bottle (via Luana Faulkeny)

Danke schön Freundin T.!

Poodles with Secrets

angry poodles
(photocredits: Looking back / looking forward Issue 1/Atem books)poodles at the hairsalon
(photocredits cafemom)

No their curls aren’t natural, here is the proof. These twin poodles are getting a perm at the local dog grooming shop. Bet they had they’re teeth bleached as well. #disappointingknowledge

Danke Schön, Freundin T und Mr Vintage!!