Danke Schön FB Friends for the Lovely Birthday Wishes

Look see what our facebook friends posted for our birthday! How Nice is that!!!!!
Thank y’all SO much!

(Disclaimer: of course we don’t own any rights to the images above, they were virtual ‘gifts’. We don’t know who does own the rights to these images. If you are the owner, pls let us know in the conversation starter below and we’ll credit properly.) Or let’s become friends! )

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest nr. 8

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest nr. 8

Watch Mimi’s latest self-group portrait: Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest number 8. Made by us during the Party Celebration at Sexyland in Amsterdam This time we made a movie: The Party-Celebration: A party hosted by Mimi Berlin, celebrating (almost) 5 years of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest (self-group portraits by, for and with Mimi Berlin). We had Music, we had Drinks, Snacks, Sauerkraüt, Partyhats, Photographers; we had 2 Group-Photo moments and we had FUN  at Sexyland

self-group portrait

A short clip by and for Mimi Berlin’s Friends and Families, a self-group portrait: posing on the couch. The portrayed are all creative minds from The Netherlands. In daily life they try to make the world a prettier place by creating and sharing (mostly behind the scenes) in the fields of art, music, design, theater, illustration, photography, jewellry, perfume and food, and by just having fun in general. (read more mimiberlinfashionfest.com)
Mimi Berlin's Fashion-Fest nr. 8
Moviestill taken from Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #8: The Party-Celebration.

Thanks You Wendelien Daan!

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest: The Party Celebration 2017

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest: The Party Celebration 2017

We, at Mimi Berlin visit parties all the time. This time we wanted to give back, so we threw a party for yous all! Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest: The Party Celebration at Sexyland in Amsterdam. Celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest: an ongoing project for which we create self-group portraits a couple of times per year. We had Music, we had Drinks, Snacks, Sauerkraüt, also we had; Partyhats, Goodie Bags, Photographers ànd we planned 2 Group-Photo moments: before and after the party. We, at Mimi Berlin, had SO much fun! Thanks to all our friends and family, DJ Frankie D and everyone at Sexyland We Love You!


For the occasion we premiered 2 life-size prints: Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #7; Bed Peace Choose Life (@Tetterode, January 2017) and Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #6; Dutch Cheerleading Squad (Cheering for Ourselves, November 2016). We also showed the ‘behind-the-scenes’ images which we made all these years at our MB Fashion-Fest days and had never shown before en plein public.

Of course we took party-snaps at our own party: ‘Cause we know you like that! ‘This is How We Do It’

It was Mimi Berlin’s Birthday

Yesterday It was Mimi Berlin’s Birthday on Facebook, look see what we got from our Facebook Friends! Isn’t it amazing?

Dear FB Friends, Thanks/Danke/Merci/Bedankt/Gracias! for all your Birthday Wishes! We never had so many lovely thoughts, virtual cakes and presents in all our lives! We are truly overwhelmed…xoxo Mimi Berlin