Things We Need From

Things We Need From

Do you know that feeling; browsing an Asian webshop, not exactly knowing what you’re looking for beacause you can’t read a thing? We do! Browsing the Japanese Elecom webshop the other day we came up with this wishlist;

Things We Need From; To be more specific; Things We Think we Need From In the first picture for example; we are not sure what Elecom is advertising here, but we think we want that. The pink colored devices; are pink; we like that too! The silicone mousepad is just too cute and might come in handy….And cleaning your computer screen with a fragranced wipe; didn’t know such a thing existed! Auch Haben!


Our dear friend Mrs H. told us that large gadgets are going to be IN. For yous who don’t know what that will look like: This is a boombox (radio/casette player) from the eighties. Just like the clothes from that era the gadgets were humongous a s well. We don’t feel gadgets nowadays will be as huge as then. But our gadgets will keep getting bigger…boombox

Eve Arnold, USA. New York City. Subway. Guardian Angels. 1984. (via magnum photo’s)